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In 1996, the Greater Louisville Economic Development Partnership and Greater Louisville Incorporated identified Logistics and Distribution as an Economic Development niche for the Louisville area. The University of Louisville's response was to include logistics and distribution as a Challenge for Excellence initiative, and to achieve national prominence in this area. In 1998, the Logistics and Distribution Institute (LoDI) was formed to serve as the organizational entity required to bring together the strong individual, but currently fragmented, university resources that had been engaged in conducting research, teaching and solving problems relating to logistics and distribution. The goals of the Logistics and Distribution Institute are too:

  • Assist the local and global community and industry with logistics and distribution problems
  • Increase intra-university collaboration in the activities of LoDI
  • Increase research and research expenditures in logistics and distribution
  • Attract students to participate in research in logistics and distribution
  • Increase the recognition of LoDI at local and global levels



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