Course Reserves


Guidelines for submission (for faculty)

The Music Library encourages all faculty interested placing materials on reserve to review the Fair Use Explanations and Fair Use Guidelines published by the United States Copyright Office.

  1. Materials appropriate for Course Reserve
    1. Materials from the Music Library
      1. Any material held by the Music Library may be placed on reserve with the exception of periodicals and reference materials.
      2. Instructors are encouraged to locate and provide needed materials for reserve to circulation desk themselves. When that is not possible, Music Library staff will retrieve the needed items. Instructors will be notified if the requested material is not found.
      3. Items checked out by other library users will be recalled and placed on reserve upon their return.
    2. Materials from other University Libraries
      1. Materials held in any of the University libraries (Ekstrom, Kornhauser, Kersey, Law, and Art) may be placed on reserve in the Music Library unless the item is already on reserve in another library, or belongs to a collection that does not circulate.
      2. The Course Reserve Supervisor will request the item(s) from the other library and place them on reserve upon arrival.
    3. Personally or Departmentally owned materials
      1. Items owned by individual instructors or their respective departments may be placed on reserve under the same restrictions as library materials.
      2. The Music Library and the University of Louisville do not accept responsibility for damaged or lost personal or department materials. Be aware that some reserve items circulate frequently and may be damaged from frequent use.
    4. Photocopies
      The laws governing copyright restrict the number, frequency, and sources of photocopies that may be placed on reserve. For that reason, many of these stipulations are non-negotiable. The Course Reserve Supervisor will not place any photocopied items on reserve that do not comply with copyright laws and regulations.
    5. CoursePaks
      CoursePaks from Cardinal Classware may not be placed on reserve without prior approval by the professional holding the Endowed Chair for Scholarly Communication. Please see the Circulation Desk for details.
    6. Materials not owned by University Libraries or persons or departments
      1. Instructors wishing to place titles on reserve not held by the University Libraries should fill out an Order Recommendation Form and indicate that the item is needed for Course Reserve.
      2. Instructors should also notify the Course Reserve Supervisor that the order request was submitted so the material can be placed on reserve as soon as possible upon its arrival.
  2. Item limit
    1. The Music Library limits the total number of items regardless of media that can be placed on Course Reserve to 50 items per instructor per class number.
    2. In the event that the Course Reserve collection becomes too large to be managed in the space we have, the Music Library Director may reduce the limit for all instructors.
    3. When an excess of 50 items needs to be available we offer the opportunity for items to rotate on and off reserve.
  3. Processing Time
    1. Items take up to five business days to process from the day the request was submitted.
    2. Reserve requests are processed in the order they are received.
  4. Acceptable forms of Submission
    1. Print forms for reserve requests are available at the Music Library circulation desk. Altered outdated or incomplete forms will not be processed.
    2. Emailed submissions to Mark Dickson ( email) or email are also acceptable.
  5. Questions about Course Reserve?
    Contact Course Reserve Supervisor Mark Dickson (Phone: 502-852-5659, Email: email).