Laptop Check-Out

General Information

  • The Kornhauser Library has approximately four dozen laptops that can be checked out for use in the library only.
  • All laptops are PCs, there are no Macs.
  • Laptops are loaded with virus protection software, the Microsoft Office suite of applications, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, and the current university email software.
  • Laptops are checked out at the Circulation Desk just like all library materials.


  • Printing to the library’s copiers is available.


  • Use is limited to University of Louisville students, faculty, and staff.
  • Users are NOT to download anything from the Internet to the hard drive or desktop.
  • Users are NOT to install any software on our computers.
  • You may download files to the computer desktop, a flash drive or burn a DVD or CD.
  • The use of flash drives to download material is encouraged, as is emailing to yourself.
  • Files left on the computer are not the library’s responsibility.
  • Laptops will be periodically reimaged by staff and all user files on the hard drive will be deleted.
  • The Libraries will not be responsible for any files left on the hard drive by the users.
  • Laptops must be used in accordance with the UofL University Libraries computer use policies and other UofL Information Technology policies.