Instruction Classes / Topics

This is a list of the most commonly requested research instruction sessions. We adapt most sessions to focus on information literacy within the context of course-specific learning outcomes and assignments. Please note that this list is not comprehensive—we are happy to customize the session according to your class’s needs.

Standard English 101 Instruction
Topics: evaluating the audience and purpose of information sources; basic database searching (can be adapted to specific assignments)
Standard English 102 Instruction
Topics: research as inquiry; differences between Google and library databases; database search strategies (can be adapted to specific assignments)
Standard Communications 111/112 Instruction
Topic: evaluating information sources
Research Strategies for a Particular Assignment or Topic
Topic: research strategies and library resources relevant to a class assignment/topic
Evaluating Information
Topic: how to evaluate the quality, credibility, and relevance of information sources
Understanding Scholarly Sources
Topic: strategies for finding and understanding scholarly journal articles in a particular discipline
Customized Library Session
The librarian will contact you to discuss the goals and activities for the session.