Interlibrary Loan Renewals

These instructions are intended to teach you how to renew ILL items from our web interface. You must renew an item at least three days before its due date. Click on any image to enlarge.

1. To renew an ILL request, first click on the "Checked Out Items" under the View section of the side menu.

screenshot showing View section

2. Once you have your checked out items listed, click on the transaction number of the ILL request you'd like to renew.

3. The requested information will appear on the screen. If this request is renewable, you will see a "Renew Request" button at the top of the "Transaction Information" window.

4. When you click on "Renew Request" the page will reload and at the top of the page your new due date will be displayed. Please note that renewals are not final until you receive an e-mail from the ILL Department confirming the new due date.)