Requesting Items from the RRS

To request items from the Robotic Retrieval System, first you need to locate the item you want in the library's catalog. If the item is stored in the RRS, the location line will read, "Robotic Retrieval System (RRS)." Click on the item's title to get into the record for that item. Inside the record the location line will include a link called "make a request."

location: Robotic Retrieval System - RRS - Click here to request item

The next screen allows you to login using your library card number and last name.

screenshot of fields for Library card number and last name

Enter your library identification number beginning with "45566" and in the second text field enter your last name in all capital letters. Then click the "Login" button.

At the Patron Requests screen click on the "Robotic Retrieval System - RRS - Request" link.

The next screen will verify your request. It lists the item you've asked for and gives you a space to enter your library ID number. Click the "Request" button and you're done. The item will be waiting for you at the circulation desk in a matter of minutes.

Reenter library id and click enter.