Course Guides

About Course Guides

Course Guides are custom web pages created by librarians for instructors. Guides could include links to databases and other information about the library to help students' find sources for course assignments.

Upon completion the URL link of the guide is sent to the instructor and placed on library webpages for students to access.

Examples of Course Guides

HSS/WGST 364 Course Guide image

(Pictured) HSS/WGST guide created by librarian, Toccara D. Porter

View more examples of course guides: Course Guides


Request Course Guide

Call Research Assistance and Instruction to speak with a librarian at 852-0433 or browse the Subject Specialist page to contact a librarian directly.

Processing Time

Processing time generally will take two weeks to:

  • Consult with instructor
  • Create course guide
  • Send instructor draft of guide to review for final changes
  • Activate guide URL link