Comments and Replies

I was upset because I wanted to do some work in my carrel after classes were over and when I went upstairs, I discovered there was a staff Christmas Party on the 3rd floor. The loud music and talking made it impossible to work. I am a student worker in the library so I know the library needs to celebrate the holiday too, but perhaps you could find a different location or alert us ahead of time. Even though classes are over, people still need to work.

Unfortunately, there is no other space adequate in the library to hold the entire staff from all 6 UofL Libraries, but we can certainly send an e-mail to carrel holders in advance to advise them that this event will occur. Also, since you are a student library worker, you are also welcome to join us!

There are people smoking near the East Entrance of Ekstrom. I thought UofL was smoke-free. Why can’t the library do something about this?

While the university is officially smoke free, the policy itself is being enforced by peer pressure rather than any kind of official reprimands. We will continue to work to make sure our signage is appropriate and obvious, but as the Provost has indicated, UofL expects a change of this nature will be somewhat gradual.

The copier took my money and didn’t give me my copies!

New public photocopiers were installed during Summer 2010. We hope that these new machines will prove more reliable and provide better service for our patrons.

I’m an alumni visitor to Ekstrom, why can’t I have more than 1 hour on the computer?

While we welcome members of the broader Louisville community into Ekstrom Library, our resources are unfortunately limited. Current UofL students, faculty, and staff have first priority to our computers. The one-hour time limit is intended to be consistent with the Louisville Free Public Library’s computer use policy.

I saw someone looking at some inappropriate material on the computer. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

The University Libraries do not censor, filter or restrict access to Internet content -- this is typical practice in academic libraries. Viewing pornography, while distasteful to many people is not an offense. However, Child Pornography is a federal offense and if encountered, should be reported at one of the service desks.

According to the Association of College and Research Libraries’ (ACRL) Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights:

"Open and unfiltered access to the Internet should be conveniently available to the academic community in a college or university library. Content filtering devices and content-based restrictions are a contradiction of the academic library mission to further research and learning through exposure to the broadest possible range of ideas and information. Such restrictions are a fundamental violation of intellectual freedom in academic libraries. "

Was ValuLine Investment Surveys discontinued?

Nope, ValueLine Investment Surveys are still available in the Reference Department, behind the Reference Desk at call number HG4501 .V26.

I would like to have coin-operated double-sided printing please!

According to the Information Technology (IT) liaison to Xerox, coin operated printers are prohibitively expensive. Double-sided printing poses a problem because of the shared nature of the computers. If person 1 chooses to print double-sided and changes the printer settings to do so, person 2 would need to change the settings back in order to print single-sided. The Libraries recognizes the environmental value of this idea, however, and will continue to work with our Xerox and IT partners to see if it is possible.

I would like to see video game rentals.

Our Media Resources Dept. is currently looking into the possibility of this, and I am copying on this e-mail so that they can add your voice to their discussion.

The RRS is a pain. Get rid of it! I want to be able to browse the books of similar subjects without requesting it and taking many minutes or hours.

We’re sorry that you have experienced frustration with the RRS. We can certainly understand your desire to browse the shelves! We often do that as well. For us, at Ekstrom, the RRS represented the best possible solution to our space issues. Other options such as off-site storage were rejected as being even less convenient while compact shelving was not feasible for this site. The librarians recognized that most people prefer to browse and so when it came to deciding what to put in the RRS, we chose to start with our own discipline (Z call number class) and then we tried to choose things that would be the least frequently used such as older science materials.

The laptops need Flash player.

This issue has been reported to our Office of Libraries Technology and the laptops will be updated at the first available opportunity.

There are not enough tables, chairs, or outlets in the 24 hours section.

While we appreciate this feedback, it is difficult to see where additional tables and chairs would be placed without creating a cluttered look. We have added three additional tables recently on the ground floor. Outlets are a bit trickier due to issues of expense and power load. There are outlets built into the 2nd floor tables, but we will investigate the feasibility of this request.

Can you open all the individual rooms on the 3rd and 4th floor for personal use?

Research Carrels are intended to be used by graduate students or faculty for research that requires extensive use of library resources.

The artwork by Sam Gilliam should be labeled so people are aware of its origins.

This artwork, hanging in the new wing 1st floor hallway across from the Circulation Desk is now labeled appropriately. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

The Media Desk is AWESOME!

We try to provide the best possible service from all of our public desks. Thank you for taking the time to comment and let us know that we’re doing a good job!

The “Quiet Study Area” in the current periodicals is NEVER quiet anymore. I used to love this area b/c it is the only place where I can get any studying done. People treat this area now like any other part of the library. Conversations and cell phone use are constant. People are always talking completely ignoring the quiet signs. Is there anything that can be done to restore the “Quiet Study Area.”

We appreciate you taking the time to let us know about this problem. Quiet areas are important to maintain. The staff in this area is now aware of the problem, and new, clearer signage has been installed. The Current Periodicals staff will attempt to monitor this situation as best they can, but we also have to rely on students to monitor their own behavior, especially during the hours when this desk is not staffed.

I recently discovered a resource called RefWorks, an online database that allows users to manage their references and citations for research. I took advantage of the free trial period and found it to be an excellent resource for research. However, I contacted the company and discovered that U of L does not subscribe to this service; thus, if I want to continue using RefWorks, I would have to pay a substantial yearly subscription fee. Would it be possible for someone to review this service and see if U of L may be interested in subscribing to it for students?

The University of Louisville reviewed RefWorks several years ago and made the decision at that time to purchase a site license for the competing product EndNote for a variety of reasons. As a University of Louisville affiliated person, you are able to download a copy of the EndNote software to your computer(s). There is also a web version of the software called WriteNote and you can sign up for an account on that (on a computer in the Louisville IP range) and use it from any web connected computer.

EndNote and WriteNote do the same things that RefWorks does. The University Libraries supports EndNote/WriteNote users with both group workshops and personalized assistance. You can find more information here

Do you have any GRE review materials?

Yes, we do. There is one book available for GRE Review on 2 hour reserve at the Circulation Desk (West side of the library) and there should be at least one book that is not checked out on the 3rd floor with the call number LB2367.4 .K64 2003 called GRE Prep Course. We are in the process of ordering some more recent ones as well.

Also, the Louisville Free Public Library has test review materials available from any computer if you have a public library card.

I need to get on a computer to write my paper but all the computers are taken with people who appear to be doing Facebook. Why doesn’t the library do something about this?

We can certainly understand your frustration; however, even if we had the staffing to do what you're asking, we cannot invade people's privacy in that manner. It would be impossible to monitor what students are doing with a computer application and all computer applications can have legitimate scholarly uses.

The computers are indeed quite full in the middle of the day. Some alternatives: there are computers that you can use on the 2nd floor in the Current Periodicals area if no one needs them for the microfilm readers. There are also 40+ wireless laptops available to be checked out from the Media Desk. You can ask at the Reference Desk for the staff to identify an open computer for you as well. If access to the computers continues to be a frustration, please let me know and we'll look for additional solutions.

Thanks again for letting us know that you did not have a good experience in Ekstrom. Knowing what students need is helpful to us.