Film Reserve Policy

  1. To request that videos or audiotapes be placed on reserve, fill out the Course Reserve form. Submit the form and any personal copies to any staff member at the West Service Desk at least three days before the date the materials will be needed by students.
  2. Reserve items may either be library-owned materials, *legally-obtained personal copies (including rented video tapes), or materials recorded by the Instructional Technology Instructional Support department.
  3. *Legal copies are tapes acquired by the instructor which include original distributor labels. Ekstrom Library cannot place personal copies of videos on reserve that are in violation of copyright law. Any items whose legality is in question will be returned to the owner.

  4. Ekstrom Library is not responsible for damage to personal copies.
  5. Materials may be placed on reserve for up to a full academic year. Items may not be placed on "indefinite" reserve. At the end of the semester specified on the Reserve Request Form, materials will be promptly returned to the owner, or if it is a library owned item, returned to the stacks. Instructors may pick up personal copies at the end of the semester or they will be returned via campus mail.
  6. The reserve loan period is for three hours, in-house use only. Media Resources provides individual carrels for video viewing and portable tape players for listening. These facilities are available all hours that the library is open. A viewing room can be arranged for multiple viewers by request only.
  7. Students must present a valid U of L student I.D. in order to use any reserve items. No exceptions will be made.


If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Bethany Poston email at (502)852-7589.