Donald Roth Louisville Postcard and Memorabilia Collection, 1900-1970

Accession: 2011-143
Extent: 2.5 linear feet
Restrictions: None
Copyright: Copyright for some material has been transferred to the University of Louisville. Some materials are in the public domain; others reamain under copyright.


Donald Roth is a Louisville business person and postage stamp, postcard and historic memorabilia collector. His family owned May's and Norman's Jewelry Stores and he owned the W. K. Stewart Stationery and Book Store in the Holiday Manor shopping center.

Description of the Collection

The Donald Roth Louisville Postcard and Memorabilia Collection consists largely of postcards (circa 1900-1970) of Louisville, Kentucky educational and social service institutions, churches, downtown and neighborhood street scenes, aerial views, businesses, floods, and recreational sites and commercial activity postcards. In addition there are significant numbers of Louisville area business cards and flyers, tourist promotion materials, sports memorabilia, political and radio/TV personality promotion cards, restaurant menus, ticket stubs and dance cards, theatre playbills, and holiday cards spanning a similar period. Interestingly, a series of early 20th century "romance" cards is also found, as well as collected correspondence, financial papers, and several of Donald Roth's student papers.

Processing Note

The Roth collection was received in eighteen binders with most items inserted into plastic sleeves. Occasionally the binder spine had a word(s) describing the contents of the binder. The binders were discarded and the materials are organized into "files" defined by either the term(s) found on the binder or general content descriptions provided by the archivist. Those descriptive titles in no way account for all the topics found in the collection.

Box List

Box 1

  • 1. Louisville I: Businesses, Downtown Buildings, Social Clubs, Business Activity Postcards, Rail Depots, Social Service Institutions
  • 2. Louisville III: Religion
  • 3. Louisville IV: Hospitals, Social Service Institutions, Hotels/Motels
  • 4. Louisville V: Downtown, Neighborhoods, Aerials, Tourist Sites
  • 5. Camp Taylor/Fort Knox, Historic Homes, Old Louisville, Olmsted Parks, Cave Hill Cemetery, Monuments
  • 6. Olmsted Parks
  • 7. Floods
  • 8. Theatres, Fontaine Ferry, Nightclubs, Swimming, Racing, Kentucky State Fair
  • 9. Restaurants, Business/Industry, Advertising Cards
  • 10. Louisville Scenes, Businesses, Masonic Home, Radio/TV Personality Cards, Social and Dance Cards, 1988 Breeders Cup, Miscellaneous
  • 11. Miscellaneous
  • 12. Miscellaneous Booklets, Cards, Brochures, Louisville School Tablet (circa 1940), Armory Sports Events, 1946-47 and Donald Roth School Material
  • 13. 1909 Methodist Revival Flyer, Theatrical Programs, Tourist Promotion Materials, Business Cards and Flyers, Financial Papers, Political Memorabilia, Menus, 1937 Flood Map

Box 2

  • 1. Stamp Collecting, WW I and II Letters, Valentine Card, Promotion/Tourism, Business and Political Cards, PGA, Correspondence, Business Promotional Note Books, Fontaine Ferry
  • 2. Theatre Programs, Tourist Promotion, Beauty Pageants, 1937 Flood, Rialto Theatre
  • 3. Ticket Stubs, Iroquois Amphitheatre, WWII, Political and Business Cards and Promotions, Recipe Booklets, Chicago Travel, 1940 World's Fair
  • 4. Louisville, Kentucky and National Scenes, Churches and Institutions, Ohio River, Commercial Activity Postcards
  • 5. Romance Scenes Series, Business and Institutions, Valentine Card, 1906 Louisville Homecoming
  • 6. Schools (including UofL), Churches, Hotels, Bridges, Social Service Institutions
  • 7. Louisville Colonels Baseball Team Photos, 1939-1955
  • 8. Indianapolis Baseball Program, circa 1940, Pee [Wee] Reece Re-enactor and Clipping, St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Roster, circa 1946, Louisville High School Football Schedule, 1940