Douglas Nunn Papers, 1940s-1980s

Accession: 1987-022
Extent: 6.25 linear feet
Restrictions: Two items are marked confidential and are restricted.
Copyright: Copyright has not been transferred to the University of Louisville

Biographical Note

In 1941, Doug Nunn moved to Kentucky from Kansas to take a position as a reporter for the Louisville Courier-Journal. Twenty years later (1961), Nunn was the Courier's city hall reporter. In pursuit of his duties as the city hall reporter, Nunn became interested in urban preservation with a particular interest in the part of Louisville currently known as the Old Louisville area. In March of that same year, Nunn approached his employer, Barry Bingham, Jr. who was also interested in urban preservation, and proposed a project for stimulating interest in the Old Louisville area. Bingham agreed with Nunn's idea and he, Nunn, and President Phillip Davidson of the University of Louisville met at the university to formulate plans for an association to revitalize interest in the area. A short time later, in March 1961, Nunn requested and received a leave of absence from the Courier-Journal in order to head the organization soon to be formed.

In November of 1961, Nunn returned to his position at the Courier but maintained an active interest in the Old Louisville Association. In 1963, Nunn once again left the Courier to become the executive director of the Louisville Central Area Project and remained there for four years after which he returned to the Courier-Journal. During this same period, Nunn became involved, on a part-time voluntary basis, with a group called Restoration Inc. Most of this activity centered around 1965.

Expressing boredom with his more or less administrative position at the newspaper, Nunn became involved with the University of Louisville Urban Studies Center in 1966. In 1969, Nunn once again left the Courier and went to work for the university in the Urban Studies Center and remained there until his retirement in 1983, after which he relocated to Arizona.

Brief Description of the Collection

This collection contains both personal and professional materials. Personal papers include financial information, vacation photos, and family history. Also includes personal involvement with local organizations and awards received by Doug Nunn. Professional materials include memorabilia, speeches, correspondence, histories of localities (including Old Louisville and historic buildings), the Urban Studies Center, as well as time spent working at the Louisville Times/Courier-Journal. The collection covers the 1940s-1980s.

List of Boxes and Folders in this Collection

Box 1

  1. Evidence of Service to University, Community, and /or Profession by: Doug Nunn
  2. Uniform System of Accounts for Kentucky Counties
  3. Publications of Douglas Nunn Folder #1
  4. Publications of Douglas Nunn Folder #2 (Scrap Book)
  5. Speech Material
  6. Speeches
  7. Nunn - Promotion Tenure Committee
  8. City of Louisville 1778 (pictures, brochures, etc.)
  9. Index for Nunn Articles
  10. Kentucky Performing Arts Center (Program)
  11. Kentucky Performing Arts Center (1968 Committee, Correspondence, Minutes, etc.
  12. Story Reaction
  13. Memorabilia-1948-61-Reporter
  14. Memorabilia-504 N. Hubbard LN.
  15. Memorabilia-Urban AFF. ED.-1966-69
  16. Memorabilia-LCA Years-1961-65
  17. Louisville Theatrical Assn. & Brown
  18. Louisville Maps. 1937 & 1959
  19. Louisville Satellite and NewCom Summary
  20. Louisville City Remodeling

Box 2

  1. Old Louisville-Brochure 1963
  2. Old Louisville Assn. Re-organization 1965
  3. Old Louisville-Speeches 1961
  4. Old Louisville-Memos 1961-1962
  5. Old Louisville-Tours 1962-1964
  6. Old Louisville-Restoration, Misc. Fountain, Lighting, etc.
  7. Old Louisville-Historic zoning/ industrial zoning, 1963-1964
  8. Old Louisville Restoration Houses
  9. Old Louisville-Correspondence 1961-1962
  10. Old Louisville Assn. Newspaper 1965
  11. Old Louisville Walking Tours.
  12. Old Louisville Tour Sept.24 1961
  13. Louisville Inc. Notices, Minutes. 1961
  14. Old Louisville Home Prospects
  15. Historic Louisville
  16. Old Louisville Plaques
  17. Old Louisville-Landscaping 1961
  18. Old Louisville-Speeches
  19. Old Louisville Tour July 9, 1961
  20. Old Louisville Restoration Inc. 1961-1964
  21. Old Louisville Association
  22. St. James Court Association 1963
  23. Available homes
  24. Incentive Restoration
  25. Redevelopment
  26. Cooperative Home ownership
  27. Foundation Requests 1961
  28. Ford Mansion
  29. Marker Nominations
  30. Reorganization in Louisville Plan
  31. Historic American Building Survey 1961
  32. National Trust for Historic Preservation Correspondence 1964
  33. Correspondence with Trustees 1961
  34. Old Louisville, Notes & News Articles
  35. Demonstration Cities Workshop Notes 1967
  36. Proposed Model City Assoc.
  37. Community goals
  38. Resolution, General Council/ City of Louisville; 11-12-1885
  39. Nunn goes to LCA
  40. Louisville Central Area
  41. Old Newspapers 1896
  42. Louisville/Jefferson County Charter Commission II Merger
  43. Newspaper Articles
  44. Documents from U of L
  45. Press Passes & Business Membership cards
  46. Interviews & Bio. 1983
  47. Louisville expressway news articles
  48. The Wichita Beacon
  49. Courier-Journal
  50. Louisville Times Articles

Box 3

  1. Urban Studies Center
  2. University of Louisville Urban Studies Center
  3. Proposal for Establishing the College of Urban Sciences and Professions
  4. University of Louisville Urban Studies Center Gardencourt
  5. The 1980 Census of Kentucky, Vol. II: Detailed Social, Economic Characteristics
  6. Urban Studies Center June, 1982
  7. "The Urban Studies Center Past, Present, and Future" Fall 1980 (Loose)
  8. Urban Studies Center 1968-1969
  9. Urban Studies Center important docs. folder #1
  10. Urban Studies Center important docs. folder #2
  11. Books for Urban Studies Center
  12. Forge Magazine U of L
  13. Louisville Magazines
  14. Inside U of L
  15. History of Community Development, U of L, 1968-1984
  16. Interview with Doug Nunn for Louisville Magazine
  17. U of L Magazine
  18. 30th Anniversary RKO Pathe
  19. The U.S. Navy
  20. Appointment Calendars 1969-1981
  21. Memorabilia
  22. Certificates
  23. Belle of Louisville
  24. Belle of Louisville Excursion Data
  25. Belle of Louisville Recreation Committee
  26. Kentucky Derby
  27. Derby Festival
  28. Kentucky Derby Programs & Articles

Box 4

  1. Contents of Wallet
  2. Bills
  3. Insurance Papers
  4. Bank of Herington, KS Papers & Records
  5. Confederacy Memorabilia
  6. J. Douglas Nunn -- Personal
  7. Graduation
  8. Photographs & Art
  9. Misc. Notes and drawings
  10. Lifetime Sentimental
  11. Miscellaneous
  12. Memorials & Letters of Doug Nunn's Father's Death
  13. Retirement DN Seminar Oct. 1983
  14. Retirement-Letters, Guest Reg.
  15. Photos. Houston TX., Los Angeles, San Antonio 1967
  16. Photos-San Antonio, TX 1967
  17. Providence R.I.
  18. Photos. Tour Fresno-Pomona CA. 1967
  19. Washington DC Tour. July 19, 1961
  20. Vacation to Sanibel, FL. Jan. 3- Jan. 6 1954
  21. The Seelbach Hotel
  22. Vacation Memorabilia
  23. World Travels: Pamphlets, Sales, Vouchers, & business cards
  24. Vacations

Box 5

  1. Articles on Future Designs.
  2. Photographs of Doug Nunn
  3. Bumper stickers & Political Promos
  4. Doug Nunn Articles
  5. Newspaper Copies-1961

  6. Box 6

    1. News Clipping- Extra
    2. Old Louisville- Prints
    3. "Louisville and its Riverfront"; License Agreement between City of Louisville and Riverfront Corporations; The Airport, Industrial, New Community Complex: Concept for Total Urban Development

    Box 7

    1. Scrapbook

    Box 8

    1. New Testament
    2. Memorandum
    3. Holman Jewel Vest Pocket Testament
    4. Year Book
    5. Paddle
    6. Hat
    7. Button (Associated Collegiate Press, 17th Convention, Cincinnati, Nov. 3-5,1938
    8. Record (Helen Hall Show No. 78)
    9. LCA 1962-1966
    10. International Morse Code
    11. BMC patch
    12. Century Club
    13. Derby Festival Director
    14. Award
    15. Framed Plaque, "The Old Louisville Association Inc. Founded June 20, 1961"
    16. Memory Book "Our Golden Wedding Anniversary"