Donald F. Linton Papers, 1981-1989

Accession: 1998-156
Extent: 3.5 linear feet
Restrictions: KORA
Copyright: Copyright for some materials held by the University of Louisville

Biographical Note

Dr. Donald Linton came to the University of Louisville in 1965 as a Lecturer in University College and then in 1966 joined the faculty of the Engineering Mathematics Department of the Speed Scientific School as an Instructor. Before coming to U of L Linton was an air traffic controller and industrial engineer at Reynold Metals, Ford Motor Co., and Naval Ordinance. Upon Dr. Linton's retirement in 1998 he was named Professor Emeritus of Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science.

Brief Description of the Collection

Linton's papers consist of his office records mostly documenting his service on several university committees including the SACS review, Retirement Program Work Group, etc. The collection includes some correspondence and publications.

List of Folders in this Collection

Box 1

  • Minutes and Meeting agenda, Retirement Program Work Group Articles and New 1981-1989
  • Retirement work group correspondence 1982-1989
  • TIAA-CREF announcements including annual reports 1981-1987 Retirement info from other universities
  • Investment information sent by other institutions folder 1, 2, and 3
  • Tax-Deferred Annuities: A Comparative Analysis (Binder)
  • University of Louisville Review of Retirement Plan Alternatives, March 1983 Kentucky Retirement Systems Annual Report; June 30, 1982 (Booklet)
  • Systems Analysis and Implementation Study for Selected Portions of Phalanx System; Final Report, December 1986 (Booklet)(2 copies)
  • Systems Analysis and implementation Study for Selected Portions of Phalanx System: Quarterly Report # 2, June 1986 (Booklet)
  • Systems Analysis and Implementation Study for Selected Portions of Phalanx System: Quarterly Report # 3, September 1986 (Booklet)

Box 2

  • Phalanx Radar Systems
  • Phalanx Writings
  • Phalanx and U. S. Naval Ordnance Stations Dr. D. Linton (NOSL)
  • Phalanx

Box 3

  • Correspondence/Master copies of bulk mailings
  • A.M.C. 1987- East Central Programming Contest Registration Data Problem Masters
  • Linton Agenda ETC
  • Contest Planning
  • Contest Documents, user guides, rules, command summary, judge notes and master copies, schedules, questions
  • A.M.C. 1989- Programming Contest Correspondence A.M.C. 1989- Contest Planning SACS Committee VI Correspondence 1984 SACS Committee VI Correspondence 1985 SACS Committee VI Correspondence 1986-1987 SACS Committee VI General Information SACS Committee VI, Library Sub-committee
  • SACS Committee VI, Educational Support Services sub-committee
  • SACS Committee VI, Research sub-committee
  • Information on Computers in medical field
  • SACS Committee VI, Computer services folder one
  • SACS Committee VI, Computer services folder two
  • SACS Committee VI, Computer services folder three
  • SACS Committee VI, Computer sub-committee report folder four SACS Committee VI computer services folder five
  • Committee VI Report instruction and research- related Resources and services 1985-1987

Box 4

  • Academic Computing Report: A Tactical Planning Document
  • A Recommended Six-Year Plan for Computing activities and facilities at the University of Louisville 1974-1980
  • University of Louisville faculty survey
  • Kentucky and its educational computing network
  • Report of the Task Force on university computing activities
  • University of Louisville board of overseers Report of the visiting committee to computing services, 1984
  • University of Louisville Five Year computer plan 1984-1989
  • University computer service plan 1981-82 and 1982-84
  • University of Louisville office and information services board of overseers review Academic computing strategies and tactics: a strategic planning document University of Louisville board of overseers Report of the visiting committee to
  • computing services
  • Speed Scientific School; The School of Engineering and Applied Science Computer aided Engineering, Speed Scientific school
  • University of Louisville, Alumni Magazine; Volume 4 Number 3 Winter 1986 - Computer-Aided Engineering: A Design for the Future