Testimonials from our Students

Testimonials from Liberal Studies students and alumni

SoozieAny successful program has at its core capable, nurturing and supportive people.  They provide the foundation of strength from which the student can draw.  The LBST program at UofL has this core of people. I am proud to have been part of UofL's Liberal Studies Program.  I would encourage any student who seeks to acquire substantive learning across various disciplines to enroll.

It seems as though I owe you and Liberal Studies another debt of gratitude.  Recently, I qualified to be part of the Board of Overseers and Honors Mentoring Program — Yet another example of the benefits of Liberal Studies — what a fan I've become!

Entry procedure was a lot but in the end really worth it.  After admission process, I felt confident and prepared- no surprises or uncertainties about courses as I approached graduation.  I really like having to write a proposal, because it made me think about what courses I wanted to take, and what I would be doing after college.

Please let me say that is has been my great pleasure to be able to return to school and complete a degree program that was tailored to suit both my work experience and my own personal interests.  I feel the curriculum that you helped me put together does truly represent who I am, what I have done, and what I still hope to do.

As for where I'll go or what I'll do...several opportunities are already presenting themselves.  Everyone else wanted me to just fit into one of the pre-fab slots, and I couldn't do that.

I want to thank you for your help...You were wonderful to work with and you really made my time as an undergrad purposeful.

I recommend the major to everyone I know who has unique goals, seeing that one discipline alone rarely meets the requirements to fulfill their individual aspirations.  I tell them..." if you can think it up, they can help you make it happen."

The whole Liberal Studies program has been a rock in the stormy sea of seeking higher education.  Everyone in the department has always been available for help and guidance, not just for your academic needs, but also to the person that you want to become... I'm not a traditional student, and have had to overcome major obstacles to finish my degree; however, Liberal Studies has never given up on me; even when I have, and that says a lot about the heart of the program.  I'm just a person in this program, one in many, however I've never felt like a number, and that is a very important reason that I continue my education at the University of Louisville.

LBST admission procedure all made sense.  The written proposal makes students think seriously about their goals and their studies.  The process would never be a problem for a student who was really right for an independent major like LBST.

The Liberal Studies program helped me, as a returning adult student, tailor a degree plan flexible enough to adapt to my individual career needs and direction.

Without your support and guidance I would not be as close to my dream as I am now.  I can never repay you for that, but I will also never forget the impact you've had on my life.