Gender Inclusive Bathrooms on Campus

A list of gender inclusive bathrooms on campus.

At the University of Louisville, all are welcome. We believe every person is born with dignity and humanity, and we practice that in one way by creating welcoming and inclusive spaces. Having building space with bathroom facilities that are open to people of any gender, or "gender neutral," is an important way university offices can show their full welcome and inclusion. The following list highlights some of the bathrooms on campus that are designated "gender neutral" or "transgender friendly."

Gender Neutral/ Family restroom - The restroom is a single-stall space and has a door that can be locked.

Transgender Friendly restroom-  The space is gender segregated (marked as "men's" or "women's" facility) and has multiple stalls, but has been designated as a trans-friendly space by the people who work/study in that area. Signage has been posted outside the restroom designating it as a transgender friendly space.

Gender Inclusive Restroom Policy for the University of Louisville-  In 2009, Vice President for Business Affairs Larry Owsley responded to LGBT student inquiries by agreeing that all new construction at the university would include at least one gender-inclusive, family-friendly restroom that would meet multiple needs. This has become the standard for university buildings, and new structures like the new Student Recreation Center on Belknap and research buildings an the Health Sciences Campus have all complied.


Belknap Campus

Student Services Annex building- Health Promotion & PEACC Center

Cardinal Station, Counseling Center

Heine Brothers Coffee, first floor, Ekstrom Library (2 restrooms, single stall)

Law School, first floor, Room 113

Law School, 2nd floor, Outside Cox Lounge (2 restrooms)

Humanities, third floor stairwells, south side of building (2 restrooms)

Human Resources Department, 1980 Arthur Street

Overseers Honors House

Women's Center, Lower Level, Administrative Annex

Jouett Hall, first and second floor

Schneider Hall, first floor

JB Speed Building, lower level (2 restrooms)

Duthie Center for Engineering, second floor

Stevenson Hall, first floor lobby

Stevenson Hall, second floor (room 224)

Miller Hall, first floor lobby 

Threlkeld Hall, Etscorn Honors Center lobby

Student Recreation Center, first floor (2 restrooms)

McCandless Hall, first floor

The YUM! Center (Belknap training facility), second floor (2 restrooms)

Humana Gym, first and second floor 

School of Music, first floor

Patterson Baseball Stadium, second floor (6 restrooms)

***SAC renovations will create 4 restrooms on the first floor***

Transgender Friendly Restrooms

Education Building, 3rd floor


Health Sciences Campus

Dental School, first floor (2 restrooms)

Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center, first floor

Kosair Childrens Building across from Kosair Hospital (2 restrooms)

Brown Cancer Center, first floor near elevator

JD Nichols Campus for Innovation and Entrepreneurship- Nucleus Building, 3rd floor (1 restroom, single stall)

LGBT Center

Red Barn, Room 104

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