Gender Inclusive Bathrooms

A list of gender inclusive bathrooms on campus.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms on the Belknap Campus

Tulip Tree Café, first floor, Ekstrom Library (2 restrooms)

Law School, first floor, Room 113

Law School, 2nd floor, Outside Cox Lounge (2 restrooms)

Humanities, third floor stairwells, south side of building (2 restrooms)

Human Resources Department, 1980 Arthur Street

Overseers Honors House

Women's Center, Lower Level, Administrative Annex

Jouett Hall, second floor

Schneider Hall, first floor

Stevenson Hall, first floor lobby

Threlkeld Hall, Etscorn Honors Cent


Gender Inclusive Restrooms on the Health Sciences Campus

Dental School, first floor (2 restrooms)

Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center, first floor

Kosair Childrens Bdg across from Kosair Hospital (2 restrooms)

Brown Cancer Center, first floor near elevator