U of L LGBT Alumni Council

The newly-formed UofL LGBT Alumni Council hosted a kick-off event July 18 to recruit members and set the agenda for the first year of activities.  Council president Andy Downey explained the importance of the council to campus life and to the lives of LGBT students.

Current students and recent graduates Katy Garrison, Hilton Airall, and Scott Thompson shared with those gathered stories of their college experiences, and explained how the LGBT Center helped them on their journey.  “It was the place where I came together with my community and learned to accept my identity,” said Hilton Airall.

The new group is planning a full schedule of events for the 2013-14 year including service to the center, tailgating for Homecoming, and outreach to other alumni.

Opportunities for engagement include:

·         Council Leadership

·         Event Planning

·         Educational Programming

·         Fund Development

·         Marketing and Promotions

Contact Andy Downey at agdowney@gmail.com to get involved or for more information.