Straight Against Hate

Designed to engage straight allies and others in the work of LGBT equality, Straight Against Hate is both a campus and community-based effort.

Straight Against Hate is an LGBTQ-rights (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning) organization that seeks to boost heterosexual involvement in ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity through proactive, progressive and forward-thinking initiatives. Straight Against Hate also seeks to create partnerships and collaborations with other LGBTQ-rights organizations, businesses, schools and places of worship throughout the city of Louisville.

Straight Against Hate enlists the involvement of a pivotal, largely untapped demographic (heterosexuals) and subsequently produces a growing base of allies and activists who now have the educational tools and resources to help implement positive change in their community.

The need to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is imperative. From disparaging language used in common conversation to deplorable legislative and legal actions hindering the LGBTQ community, it is in our best interest to provide an accessible, forward-thinking outlet for our community. Straight Against Hate will be that outlet for numerous individuals and bridge the gaps that have plagued our community.

Please note that anyone can join Straight Against Hate. The name itself doesn't simply imply that only heterosexual people can get involved. Rather it has a double meaning in that we're a group that moves forward against hate, discrimination, injustice, etc. ALL are welcome to join Straight Against Hate!

If you're interested in joining Straight Against Hate or receiving additional information, please e-mail us at