What is the Diane Rigney Activism Grant?

What is it?

The program funds LGBT activism by University of Louisville undergraduate students, up to a maximum award of $500.

What Do I Get?

-Financial resources to fund your project

-Coaching from an experienced mentor, either assigned by us or one you’ve selected yourself

-Real world experience in social justice, activism, and project development

-The opportunity to make a lasting impact on the U of L community

-A chance to present your project to others at a student group meeting or a Center-sponsored event

What are the Guidelines?

Grants are available for undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Louisville in good academic standing at the time of application and project implementation.

To be eligible for a grant, your project must:

-Specifically address a LGBT issue on campus, although other groups may also benefit from your effort

-Not duplicate another project or event that is already being done

-Not be solely designed for socializing or entertainment (pizza party, etc.).

-Have LASTING impact and show sustainable change over time (rather than a one-time event)


-Ban of gay men at blood drives

-Publically-displayed mural

-Starting group focused on support or activism

-Media campaign for gender neutral restrooms


All expenses must comply with applicable University of Louisville accounting procedures and financial guidelines.

The project must be completed within six months of award announcement.

The review committee reserves the right to veto any budget items or ask for revisions for an awarded grant proposal.

Students awarded grants must submit a 250-500 word report on the results of their projects and what they learned from the process, due 14 days after the end of their project.

If you need assistance with the application process or would like help formulating your idea for a project, contact us at lgbt@louisville.edu.

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