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Cards for Kids Interns

The relationship between the University of Louisville and the Kids Center is a newly formed one.  The mission of this organization is well-aligned with that of the Office of Civic Engagement, Leadership, and Service, particularly with our core values of Self-Knowledge and Diversity.

The mission statement of the K.I.D.S. Center is as follows:

The mission of the K.I.D.S. Center is two-fold.  First is to involve, in a meaningful way, children with cerebral palsy and other developmental needs and members of their families in the mainstream of society, thus ensuring their ability to assume their rights as equal citizens.  Second is to ensure their ability to receive services as needed to minimize the effects of their disability.  

Since 1959 the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies (formerly known as the Cerebral Palsy K.I.D.S. Center) has been serving families of children with special needs in our region.   We see children with Down Syndrome, Spina bifida, cerebral palsy, autism, seizure disorders, and a number of other developmental conditions.  We offer physical, speech, and occupational therapies and support program for families.  We see the ABILITY in disability.
The relationship will allow students to develop very usable skills and experience that are easily transferable to their future careers after college.  The work of the students will have a great impact on the Center by helping to raise our profile in the community.   Each of the focus areas contribute to two overall goals that were set forth in a recent long range strategic plan by the organization.  Those goals were to improve ongoing revenue streams coming into the agency and to improve our community visibility and awareness among the general public.    This will be accomplished through three key focus internships:
* Youth Engagement Leader
* Elementary Outreach Speaker's Bureau
* Marketing & Communications Intern
Students involved in the program will not be doing hands on work with our clients, which number about 300 per week.   But they will get to know our staff and our kids as they learn our story, discover the value of our work, and reach out into the community to enlist others to become involved.   Our Center turns no child away who cannot afford the full costs of our care.  This is a noble goal and approach, but one that is costly to maintain.   Community involvement in our work is key to our way of being. Without it, we could only help those who could pay for the services.
Our nonprofit is 50 years old, but our formal efforts to do marketing and outreach into the community to forge relationships and to involve youth are only about five years old.   The work of our interns in these three areas will be ground-breaking and will create new programs for our Center that we hope last for decades or more.   Because of this, students will be involved in expanding our internal capacity and will leave a legacy with their work that will help children with special needs for years to come.  The work will involve a great deal of autonomy, creativity, self-initiative, and control.   Students can truly make their mark with these projects and lay a foundation that this nonprofit can expand upon for years to come!

Visit to learn more about Kids Center for Pediatric Therapy.

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