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The Freshmen LEAD program brings a leadership development and mentoring experience for first year students at the University of Louisville.  Students are introduced to leadership skills that expand their social networks and broaden their horizon to meeting a dynamic group of friends, which promotes a sense of community and encourages students to build upon their leadership potential.  Participants lay the foundation for their leadership journey in the first year of the program, Freshmen LEAD, and prepare to put their leadership into action during the second year of their experience as a REACH ambassador after successful completion of the Freshmen LEAD program.
Task Force Freshmen is the Student Government Association Executive Branch mentoring program.  Students will be assigned to one of the members of the Exec Branch of  SGA which doesn't mean you will be running errands and getting coffee!  Instead, you will work alongside those students in the highest leadership positions on campus and be trained to excel as a representative of the student body.  The program will include leadership seminars, networking opportunities, and hands-on experience working with SGA officers.
Freshmen LEAD and Task Force Freshmen are each yearlong programs whereby selected incoming freshmen are chosen  amongst a competitive pool to engage in bi-weekly workshops, an overnight retreat, service projects and much more!  Each requirement is incorporated to ensure that each participants' leadership is heightened as the year progresses and equips them with the essential tools to carry their skills on to additional campus leadership involvement opportunities.





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