Human Rights Fellow advocates for sanctuary city at Louisville Metro Council meeting

Brandeis Law 3L Kristen Barrow, a fellow with the Human Rights Advocacy Program, addressed the Louisville Metro Council last week and advocated for sanctuary cities. 

She argued that sanctuary cities are safer cities. 

"It comes down to trust in the police and the willingness for the immigrant community to cooperate in dealing with crime," she said. "If a large and rapidly growing part of our city fears police interaction due to negative immigration consequences to themselves, friends or family, then the police cannot be effective."

See Barrow's full statement, starting at 19:00, at the August 24, 2017, Metro Council meeting.

The Brandeis Human Rights Advocacy Program, founded in 2014, works actively with other non-profits and stakeholders in the community to advance the human rights of immigrants, refugees and noncitizens.