Brandeis Law welcomes more diverse Class of 2019

Brandeis Law welcomes more diverse Class of 2019

The Brandeis School of Law's Class of 2019 represents a dramatic increase of racial/ethnic minority students over the Class of 2018.

In fall 2016, 21 racial/ethnic minority students enrolled at Brandeis Law, compared to the 13 racial/ethnic minority students who enrolled in fall 2015. That's an increase of 42 percent. 

Camilo Ortiz, the law school's assistant dean for admissions, credits the increase to a mix of more scholarships, increased outreach and stronger relationships with campus partners. 

"I would also credit the increase to my admissions team for their commitment and forward thinking, involvement from the Brandeis Diversity Committee and amazing student ambassadors who helped with our outreach efforts," Ortiz said, adding that he also credits Dean Susan Duncan's ability to think strategically and globally.

"A diverse student body is important to the Brandeis School of Law," Duncan said. "Not only does a diversity of opinions and backgrounds add value to classroom interactions, but it also sets up the legal profession to better reflect the diverse makeup of our country."

This increase of racial/ethnic minority students reflects the school's overall commitment to a diverse student body.

In a recent ranking of American Bar Association-accredited public and private law schools, Brandeis Law is No. 6 in terms of how well it reflects Kentucky’s population.

The list, compiled by Texas A&M University School of Law program director Jack Manhire, measures how well law schools reflect the gender, race and ethnicity of the states in which they operate.

Brandeis got a score of 99.00 out of a possible 100.