An entrepreneurial approach to business law

An entrepreneurial approach to business law

When it comes to business law, knowing the letter of the law is not enough -- successful business attorneys must also understand the best practices of their clients' industries. 

Recognizing this, Professor Manning Warren takes an interesting approach to his Entrepreneurial Law and Practice seminar. Nearly every week, he brings in a local business leader to speak with students about everything from funding strategies to what they've liked and didn't like about the lawyers they've worked with.

"With business law, you're building relationships," Warren says. "You want to be with businesses along the way to help them grow."

This semester, speakers have included Greg Chapman of Anchorage Angels; Breck Jones, CEO of US WorldMeds; David Jones Jr. of Chrysalis Ventures; and Charles Schnatter of Heine Brothers' Coffee.

Students have expressed positive feedback about the speakers, whom Warren says are very candid about their businesses.

"They are so excited to tell these students about how they birthed their businesses," he says. "Entrepreneurs love to tell about the babies they've had, and these businesses are their babies."

Throughout the course, students also present on topics such as mergers and acquisitions, with the business leaders often observing and offering feedback.