Staff Directory

Photo of Sunny Cobb

Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Lars S. Smith

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Samuel J. Stallings Professor of Law

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Photo of Renee Ferrell

Assistant Dean for Admissions

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Photo of Allison Rief

Interim Assistant Director of Admissions

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Photo of Terea Turner

Admissions Counselor

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Photo of Ashleigh Collard

Program Coordinator, Senior

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Photo of Shelley M. Santry

Law Clinic Director and Assistant Professor of Law

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Staff Attorney

Photo of Laurel Hajek

Assistant Dean for Professional Development

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Photo of Debra K. Reh

Career Services Coordinator

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Photo of Jina A. Scinta

Public Service Program Coordinator

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Photo of Jamie Abrams

Assistant Dean for Intellectual Life and Associate Professor of Law

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Photo of Laura Rothstein

Director of Excellence, Professor of Law and Distinguished University Scholar

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Photo of Emily Clark

Student Services Program Assistant

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Photo of Jennifer T. DiSanza

Assistant Dean for Student Services and Law Chief of Staff

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Photo of Angela Lechleiter

Director of Academic Success and Bar Prep

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Photo of Betty Younis

Student Records Coordinator

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