John Cross

Grosscurth Professor of Law


John Cross joined the Louisville faculty in 1987 after several years in private practice in Minneapolis. Since coming to Louisville, he has taught and published in a wide variety of areas, ranging from the first-year course in Civil Procedure to Animal Law. In recent years, however, he has increasingly focused his efforts in two broad areas: intellectual property law (both domestic and international), and the law governing court systems (Civil Procedure, Conflicts, Federal Jurisdiction, and Comparative Systems). Because of his exemplary work in the intellectual property field, Cross was named the Grosscurth Chair in Law in 2005.

His teaching interests reflect this same focus. He currently oversees the intellectual property curriculum at Louisville, and teaches many of the courses in that curriculum, including the Intellectual Property Survey, Trademark Law, Intellectual Property and Competition, Authors' and Performers' Rights, International Intellectual Property Law, Law and Computers, and Design Protection Law. He also continues to teach courses in court law, especially the first-year Civil Procedure Course and the capstone course in Federal Jurisdiction.

Cross' recent research parallels his teaching. This work has delved into various issues - both historic and contemporary - in intellectual property. For example, a recent article argues for the abolition of the current dual system of federal and state trademark law, proposing a unitary system in its place. Another article, published in a South African journal and reprinted in a German publication, argues that it is feasible to use an intellectual property model to protect folklore and traditional scientific knowledge. John is also a co-author of a casebook for the first year Civil Procedure course, along with Les Abramson at Louisville and Ellen Deason at Ohio State.

Because of the broad scope of Cross' research, his work has been recognized both in the United States and abroad. Most significantly, in 2006 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws H.C. from the University of Turku in Finland, in recognition of his significant contributions to legal scholarship. He has also received two Fulbright awards (the maximum allowable), one in Finland (1995), the other in Ireland (2000). John has been invited to teach classes and/or give lectures in a number of foreign locales, including institutions in Argentina, Canada, Germany, England, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden. In January of 2008, he was a visiting professor at the University of Western Ontario.

Animal Law

Authors' and Performers' Rights

Civil Procedure

Comparative Constitutional Law

Conflict of Laws

Design Protection Law

Federal Courts

Intellectual Property Survey

Intellectual Property and Competition

International Intellectual Property Law

Law and Computers


Books (selected)

Civil Procedure, Cases, Problems, and Exercises (West Publishing, 3d ed. 2011, with Abramson and Deason)

Global Issues in Intellectual Property Law (West Publishing 2010, with Yu, Landers, and Mireles)

Law Review Articles (selected)

UTSA Displacement of Other State-Law Claims, 33 Hamline Law Review 445 (2011)

La Asignación de los Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual de Ámbito Universitario en Los Estados Unidos, 28 Actas De Derecho Industrial Y Derecho De Autor 97 (2008)

Competition Law and Copyright Misuse, in ALAI-Canada A Copyright Cocktail (anticipated publication fall-winter 2007) (co-authored)

Reconciling the 'Moral Rights' of Authors with the First Amendment Right of Free Speech, 1 Akron Intellectual Property Journal 185 (2007)

Additional publications listed on vitae.

Selected Presentations

Legislative/Administrative Testimony

May, 2000: Irish Copyright Office – presentation concerning developments in United States compliance with the Berne Convention

June, 1999: United States House of Representatives, Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property – testimony concerning proposed amendments to Section 110 of the Copyright Act


October, 2010: Distinguished Speaker, Dalhousie University Faculty of Law (Halifax, NS, Canada)

September, 2010: Distinguished Speaker, University of Dayton Intellectual Property Symposium

May, 2010: Presented a paper at the Conference on Intellectual Property and the Environment, Sønderborg (Denmark)

June, 2009: Presented a paper at the conference on Digital Convergence at Hong Kong University (Hong Kong PRC)

May, 2009: Presented a paper at the annual meeting of the International Trademark Association in Seattle

Additional presentations listed on vitae.

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