Samuel L. Greenebaum Public Service Program

These Brandeis students spent the summer of 2016 as fellows with the Legal Aid Society.

The Samuel L. Greenebaum Public Service Program gives students the opportunity to develop skills working with real clients and real legal issues. With appropriate supervision, students perform law-related tasks such as research, writing, client interviews, policy analysis, document preparation and in-court assistance.

We maintain more than 100 placements and continually add new placements to offer a diverse selection, such as legal aid offices, public defender offices, nonprofit public service organizations, government agencies, court system projects or advocacy groups.

Brandeis students are required to perform a minimum of 30 hours of law-related public service.

The Class of 2016 recorded more than 9,800 public service hours, averaging out to more than 57 hours per student.

To learn more about the Samuel L. Greenebaum Public Service Program, visit our Careers section.