The Richard and Constance Lewis Scholarships in Latin American and Iberian Studies

Mr. and Mrs. LewisThe College of Arts and Sciences administers the Richard and Constance Lewis Fellowships in Latin American and Iberian Studies for faculty and the Richard and Constance Lewis Scholarships in Latin American and Iberian Studies for students. Funded by the Richard and Constance Lewis Fund for Latin American and Iberian Studies, these programs provide funds for faculty development for the purpose of enhancing the knowledge of and interest in Latin American and Iberian subjects at the University of Louisville, as well as funds to support student study abroad in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. Our faculty and students have traveled to Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, México, Ecuador, Panamá, Spain, and Portugal. Applications are available in the fall and awards are announced in December. Preference is given to those students and faculty who have not previously received a Lewis Scholarship or Fellowship.

2016 Lewis Scholarship Application (.doc)
2016 Lewis Scholarship Letter of Recommendation Form (.doc)

2015 Lewis Scholars
Sarah Baer          Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands       Geography & Geosciences Major

Elizabeth Combs                     Spain              Marketing Major; International Business/Spanish Minors

Jessi Dietrich                          Spain              Economics Major; Spanish/International Business/Management Minors

Alicia Humphrey                     Argentina         Spanish/English/Political Science Majors

Diana Lalata                           Spain               English/Political Science Majors; Spanish Minor

Haley Massad                        Chile                Spanish Major; Arabic/Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies Minors

Justin Remmell                      Spain               Spanish/Biology/Psychology Majors

Madeleine Sexton                  Spain               Spanish MA

Sydney Voss                        Costa Rica        Nursing Major; Spanish Minor

Ian White                             Argentina           History Major; LALS/Geography/Social Change Minors    

2014 Lewis Scholars

Michael Billingsley                  Spain               Spanish/Philosophy/Humanities Majors

Stephanie Dooper                    Spain               Latin American and Latino Studies/Spanish Majors

Jessica Williams                      Spain                Latin American and Latino Studies/Spanish/Political Science Majors

Chloe Zoeller                         Argentina           Spanish/Political Science Majors

2013 Lewis Scholars
Vanessa Bradley                    Costa Rica        Spanish Major

Shelby Lawson          Costa Rica / Argentina    Spanish & Finance Majors / Latin American Studies, Intl. Business, & Economics Minors

Janeth Nuñez                             Spain            Spanish MA

Jerome Soldo                              Chile            Latin American and Latino Studies Major

Micah Souder                        Costa Rica        Spanish MA

Jessica Williams                   Costa Rica        Spanish & Political Science Majors

Kayla Wohner                          Spain             Spanish Major / Latino Studies Minor

2012 Lewis Scholars

Teresa Cox                                  CubaSpanish MA / LALS Graduate Certificate

Taylor Forns                             Panama          Biology Major / Spanish & LAS Minor

Maria Gimbel                             Peru              Anthropology Major / History Minor

Lindsey Hastings          Dominican Republic    Biology & Psychology Majors / Spanish & International Health Minor

Caroline Holtgrave                    Peru             Anthropology & Spanish Majors

Stephanie Leonard                    Chile           Spanish & Anthropology Majors / International Health and LAS Minors

2011 Lewis Scholars

Jhalak Dholakia                     Costa Rica        Biology, Spanish & Anthropology Majors /
Humanities & Latin American Studies Minors

Alexandra Farrell                      Spain             Spanish & Philosophy Majors

Valerie Gibbs                             Spain             Chemistry Major / Spanish Minor

Akash Gupta                          Guatemala         Spanish & Biology Majors / Latino Studies Minor

Eric Riedinger                           Spain             Biology & Business Majors / Spanish Minor

Lauren Weaver                         Mexico            Applied Geography Major / Spanish Minor

2010 Lewis Scholars

Jordan Andrew                       Costa Rica        Spanish & Nursing Major /
Latin American Studies Minor

Alyssa Hahn                            Spain                  Sports Administration Major

Ryan Hite                                Ecuador            Spanish MA

Nicholas Linares                  Panama              Fine Arts Major
(Impacto Bocas
del Toro project)

Jesse Payne                         Costa Rica          Philosophy & Psychology Majors /
Latin American Studies &
Political Science Minors

Patrick Ridge                     Brazil                    Spanish MA

Rosslyn Steinmetz              Panama             Spanish Major / Latin American Studies Minor

Jenna Williams                  Costa Rica          Cultural Anthropology Major /
Latino Studies Minor

2009 Lewis Scholars

Steven Alcorn                          Argentina          Political Sciences Major /
Spanish Minor

Brittany Cecil                           Spain                Marketing Major / International
Business-Spanish Minor

Jessica Harman                       Belize                Counseling Psychology and
Express Therapies

Lauren Hendricks                    Belize                Communication Major / 
Sociology Minor

Meagan Holtgrave                  Spain                 Psychology Major /
Spanish Minor

Erin McCoy                              Panama             PhD Humanities

Jamie Ratliff                            Mexico             Art History PhD /
LAS Graduate Certificate & WGST

Michael Razeeq                      Spain                  Political Sciences &
Spanish Major

Aubrey Woolley                      Mexico             Sport Administration &
Spanish Major


2008 Lewis Scholars

Sheila Bates                            Mexico               Fine Arts & Spanish Major /
Latin America Studies Minor

Sarah Becker                          Spain                 Math & Spanish Major /
Philosophy Minor

Erin Grace                               Panama             Spanish M.A. &
LAS Graduate Certificate

Whitney Nash                         Belize                Ph.D. in Nursing

Alex Riedinger                        Spain                 Spanish & Business Major /
International Business, Finance &
Latin American Studies Minors

Emily Rigdon                           Peru                  Spanish & Economics Major /
Latin America Studies Minor

Nicole Sanderman                  Honduras       Chemistry Major / Spanish Minor

Jharin Stowers                       Spain                 Spanish Major


2007 Lewis Scholars

Alexander Bajorek                  Costa Rica          Biology/Spanish Major

Neil Gupta                               Puerto Rico        Biology Major/Spanish &
Latin America Studies Minor

Clare Kalb                               Spain                      Spanish Major/
Anthropology Minor

Joseph Kern                            Argentina           Spanish/Math Major/
Latin America Studies Minor

Angela King                            Spain                  Spanish Major

Charles Lovely                        Spain                  BS Biology/BA Chemistry/
PhD Biology/Spanish Minor

Christine Doughty                   Brazil               Psychology Major/Art Minor

Alysia Ross                              Argentina         Spanish/LAS Graduate Certificate

Jennifer Ward                          Brazil               Political Science Major/
Anthropology Minor


2006 Lewis Scholars

Mehera Baugher                      Portugal          Anthropology & Psychology 
Majors/Spanish Minor

Amy Bennet                             Spain                 Psychology Major/Spanish Minor

Susan Brittain                          Mexico            Ph.D. Student in
Education Psychology

Emily Clausen                          Spain                 Biology & Spanish Majors

Arezu Elias                              Bolivia                Anthropology Major/
Spanish Minor

Stephanie Moses                    Costa Rica          Communications Major/Spanish
and Latin America Studies Minor

Sarah Osterly                          Spain                 Art & Anthropology Majors

Andrea Roser                          Portugal          Anthropology Major

Sheryll Sison                           Spain                Mechanical Engineering Major/
Spanish Minor

Christopher Wicke                  Spain             Spanish and Graphic Design Majors


2005 Lewis Scholars

Jamie L Izlar                             Mexico              Political Science Major

Jacqueline Meier                     Argentina        Anthropology & Spanish Major

Morgan D Taliaferro              Argentina        Anthropology & Spanish Major

Philip A Thornberry              Costa Rica       Spanish M.A.

William G White                       Spain                Spanish Major


2004 Lewis Scholars

Laura Barclay                           Mexico               Political Science Major/
History & Spanish Minor

Kelly Buntain                            Spain                 Anthropology Major/
Spanish & Religious Studies Minor

Paige James                             Mexico               Spanish Major

Jacqueline Meier                      Portugal          Anthropology & Spanish Major

Timothy Moran                         Panama           English Major/
Latin America Studies Minor

Jessica Sanders                       Spain                 Philosophy Major/Spanish Minor

Vanessa Smolenski                  Portugal            Anthropology Major


2003 Lewis Scholars

Kira Ash                                   Mexico                Spanish M.A.

Nathan G Bird                          Panama              Spanish Major

Isabella M Christensen            Panama              Spanish Major

Marian Cochiaosue                  Panama              Chemistry Major/
Spanish Minor

Sean R Deskins                        Panama              History Major/
Latin America Studies Minor

Kristopher Z Fannin                 Panama               Sociology Major

Meredith A Fergason               Panama               Spanish Major

Lisa D Hall                                Panama              Marketing Major/Spanish Minor

Rachel Hungerbuhler               Panama               Humanities Major/
Spanish & Theatre Minor

Marea Ingwersen                    Panama               Finance Major

Jamie La Shawn                       Panama               Political Science Major/
Theater Minor

Kemberli K Shontel Levy          Panama               Spanish Major

Adam Marlowe                         Spain                   Political Science Major

Ryan McKinley                          Panama            Business Major/
Economics Minor

Danielle M Oatley                     Panama               M.A.T. / Spanish Minor

Amanda K Scheldorf                 Panama               Women’s Studies Major/
Spanish Minor

Brandy R Schwallie                   Panama               Biology Major/Spanish Minor

Latrice S Shannon                    Panama               Psychology Major/
Spanish Minor

Tressie Turner                          Panama               Biology Major/Spanish Minor

Leslie J Van Howe                    Panama               Spanish M.A.

Elizabeth R Walter                   Panama               Spanish Major

Jason R Wiles                          Panama               Chemistry Major/
Psychology Minor


2002 Lewis Scholars

David K Baumann                    Spain                    Spanish Major/
Political Science Minor

Betsy L Berns                          Mexico                 Political Science Major/
Spanish Minor

Cheryl S Chacko                      Mexico/Spain        Biology Major/
Political Science Minor

Abigail S Crawford                   Mexico                 Spanish Major/
Business Administration Minor

Anita Damjanovic                    Spain                    Spanish Major/
Art History Minor

Kyle B Gaddie                         Spain                      Spanish & French Major/
Economics Minor

Ashley R Gray                         Mexico                  Spanish Major/
Justice Administration Minor

Nadine E Jacobsen                 Spain                    Spanish Major

Natalie Kenner                       Mexico                  Spanish Major/Biology Minor

Christopher J Marlin               Ecuador                International Business Major

Erin N Simpson                       Cuba                     Political Science Major/
Religious Studies Minor

Joshua J Tweddell                  Spain                    Spanish & History Major/
Philosophy Minor

Amy B Vetter                          Spain                    Spanish Major/
Communication Minor


2001 Lewis Scholars

Jenessa Bryan                       Mexico                  Anthropology Major

Sarah Rose                           Costa Rica             Spanish Major