3rd Annual Study Abroad Program in Panama

Program Director: Dr. Manuel Medina
Assistant Program Director: Dr. Carmen Cedeño

“Panama is a country that is a ‘bridge,’ bridging worlds, people of all colors and cultures.”
–Marie Pierre Good

“It was very enlightening to listen and converse about politics, economics, education, and religion with people outside of the United States. The most influential part of the trip was discussions with those who live in Panamá.”
–Erin Puterbaugh

“This experience has given me more confidence in myself in that I am now positive that I am able to speak Spanish and be understood by native speakers.”
–Danielle Minter

“Even though I’m from Panama it was different because I got to visit several places that I haven’t been before. In the class I was reminded of the history of my country; and as the course went on I learned things, more in depth, about what has taken place in the last 27 years.”
–Elsa Sharlow

“In Louisville our main Latin American population includes the Mexican, Puerto Rican and Cuban ethnicities. Before this trip, I knew little to nothing of the Panamanian culture.”
–Brandi Gates

“We talked about the 1989 invasion of Panama by the U.S. I never realized how little I knew about Panama.”
–Jami Wilson

“This experience has helped point me in a new direction regarding my career path. I would like to obtain a job that would allow me to travel and see many other Latin American countries.”
–Justin Hersh

“The excursion to the Emberá tribe was inspiring and breathtaking. The simplicity of the community and the beauty of the land are impossible to put into words.”
–Kristin Reading

“Panama and especially Panama City has a unique history that goes far back. It was so cool to see how history plays such a big part in the culture they have today.”
–Tiffany Coffey

“The interaction of my course work and living abroad made for a wonderful experience. My Spanish language acquisition was sped along by day-to-day activities conducted entirely in Spanish.”
–Travis Wimsett