2nd Annual Study Abroad Program in Panama

Program Director: Dr. Lisa Wagner
Assistant Program Director: Dr. Manuel Medina

“I had never seen anything so beautiful in all my life. The palm trees, the oceans, the city and the people all work together to make Panama a beautiful place to visit and to live.”
–Lindsey Davidson

“My host and new friend, Amarilis, took me on day-long excursions to different parts of the city… We went to the movies, shopped at the local malls, visited museums, and spent time just chatting with her friends over dinner.”
–Tiffany Dix

“My favorite excursion of all was to the Emberá village in the rain forest. I felt as though the pages of National Geographic had come to life before me.”
–Tara Hart

“Every fiber of my being forces me to seek out opportunities to speak Spanish and in my humble opinion, this was the purpose of the trip, to shift us from students learning a language to students using a language.”
–Ed Kuster

“It is amazing how much more you can learn about a language or a culture or a country by simply putting down the books and experiencing these things hands on, and being immersed in them.”
–Aletha Maupin

“I want to be clear about one thing: I will never forget my time in Panama and it was something that my grandkids will be completely sick of hearing about by the age of four and a half.”
–Mary Metcalf

“This experience made me realize just how much I was interested in Latin American politics and the Spanish language.”
–Amy Oliver

“Speaking Spanish daily was a real eye-opener for me, because it showed me just how much Spanish I actually know, which is more than I thought I did.”
–Erica Thornbury