1st Annual Study Abroad Program in Panama

Program Director: Dr. Rhonda Buchanan
Assistant Program Director: Dr. Lisa Wagner

“I can’t imagine a society more accessible to the study abroad student or an environment more conducive to learning a language!”
–Isabella Christensen

“The structure of the program was very effective for first time study abroad participants because it provided the leadership and connections to make me feel safe while being abroad for the first time.”
–Sean Deskins

“Our teacher, Ricardo, was a very knowledgeable and fun teacher. He made the material interesting and brought in authors, food, and dancers, just to name a few things.”
–Marian Chochiaosue

“I began the year as an average beginning-Spanish student who was merely fulfilling his foreign language requirement and I left Panama with a deep love and respect for the language and the culture surrounding it.”
–Kristopher Fannin

“In both classes we felt completely comfortable to ask questions, and all three professors were well-educated, experienced, and incredibly enthusiastic in their area of expertise.”
–Marea Ingwersen

“In the course of learning a new language, it becomes evident that at a certain point no more can be learned from books or classes, and that one must be immersed in the culture and language to become fluent.”
–Brandy Schwallie

“I learned to communicate without apprehension and my comprehension has improved tremendously since the trip.” –Latrice Shannon

“International experience is becoming increasingly important in the world today, and I this that it is a crucial aspect of the education of a U of L student. Study abroad is a learning experience that is impossible to match in any other manner.”
–Leslie Van Howe

“As the weeks passed, I was able to perceive a marked difference in my abilities, and by the time I left Panama, I was carrying on entire conversations in Spanish without even thinking twice about it.”
–Elizabeth Walter

“From Gamboa to Portobello, there are stories and histories of people- rich heritage- that I would have personally never grown to know or appreciate without the advent of this study abroad.”
–Jason Wiles