Richard and Constance Lewis Fellowships in Latin American and Iberian Studies

The Latin American and Latino Studies Program administers the Richard and Constance Lewis Fellows Program, which provides funds for faculty to enhance the knowledge of and interest in Latin American and Iberian subjects at the University of Louisville. Applicants must be full-time, tenured or tenure-track faculty at the University of Louisville. Some restrictions apply: this grant does not support the purchase of equipment, supplies, research assistant wages, copying expenses, software, salary, or release-time compensation. Preference will be given to those applicants who have not received a Lewis Fellowship previously.

As Lewis Fellows, faculty members are expected to fulfill the requirements of the grant, to participate in follow-up activities on campus, and to serve as peer mentors to other faculty members in order to encourage interest in Latin American and Iberian Area Studies.

2014 Lewis Fellows

Dr. Avery Kolers                                  Spain                  "From Vitoria to Locke: The Emergence and Suppression
Department of Philosophy                                               of Indigenous Rights."

2013 Lewis Fellows

Dr. Tricia Gray                                    Panama               "Understanding Gender Electoral Quotas in Panama."
Department of Political Science

Dr. Margath Walker                           Mexico                 "Binational Subjectivities and the War on Drugs & Terror."
Department of Geography
& Geosciences

2012 Lewis Fellow

Dr. Enid Trucios-Haynes                  Mexico                 "Formal and Informal Migrant Networks: Post 9/11
Brandeis School of Law                                                    Connections between Guanajuato and the US."

2011 Lewis Fellow

Dr. Fabian Crespo                             Argentina               "Genes and Fossils: 
Department of Anthropology                                           An Introduction to Human Evolution."

2010 Lewis Fellows

Professor Mary Carothers                   Panama                "Empower to Impacto."
Department of Fine Arts

Dr. Lisa Markowitz                                   Peru            "Novo Andino: Exploring Trails
Department of Anthropology                                      of Culinary Tourism."

2009 Lewis Fellow

Dr. Gabriela Nuñez                                   Brazil                       "Mexican Detective Novels
Department of English                                                                 and Social Inequality."

2008 Lewis Fellow

Dr. Clare Sullivan                                       Spain                      “Teaching Translation.”
Department of Classical
and Modern Languages


2007 Lewis Fellow

Dr. Christine Ehrick                                    Argentina               “Women in Radio in
Department of History                                  & Uruguay                 Uruguay and Argentina, 1930-1950.”


2006 Lewis Fellow

Dr. Gregory Hutcheson                               Spain                      “Contemporary Spanish
Department of Classical                                                             Encounters with
and Modern Languages                                                             Al-Andalus.”


2005 Lewis Fellow

Dr. Michael Fowler                                    Central America       “Central American
Department of Political Science               & Mexico                  Narcotics Trafficking and Corruption.”

2004 Lewis Fellow

Dr. Lisa Wagner                                       Argentina                 “The Evolution of Las
Department of Classical                                                            Madres de la Plaza de
and Modern Languages                                                            Mayo.”


2003 Lewis Fellow

Dr. Manuel Medina                                   Brazil                        “Jesuit Missions in Brazil
Department of Classical                          & Argentina               and Argentina.”
and  Modern Languages

2002 Lewis Fellows

Dr. Tricia Gray                                          Cuba                         “Seminar on
Department of Political Science                                               Contemporary Cuba.”

Dr. Julie Winkler                                       Cuba                         “Cuban Film Festival.”
Department of Classical
and Modern Languages


2001 Lewis Fellows

Dr. Rhonda Buchanan                              Argentina                  “Argentine Women Writers."
Department of Classical                                                         
and Modern Languages

Dr. Lisa Markowitz                                    Cuba                       “Latin American Women’s
Department of  Anthropology                                                   Studies in Havana.”