Faculty and Staff

Tribute to Dr. Clarence Talley, Founding Member of LALS

The Latin American and Latino Studies Faculty is comprised of professors from a number of different departments. Listed below are the names of faculty members who teach courses that fulfill LALS requirements and other individuals who support the LALS Program. * indicates members of the LALS Steering Committee

Rhonda Buchanan

*Rhonda Dahl Buchanan

Director of Latin American and Latino Studies
Professor of Spanish
Department of Classical and Modern Languages

Room/Building: 306 Stevenson Hall
Phone: 502-852-2034
Email:Dr. Buchanan

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*Julie Bunck

Department of Political Science

302 Ford Hall
Phone: 502-852-1659
Email:Dr. Bunck

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Dr. Tricia Gray

*Tricia Gray

Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science

Room/Building: 209 Ford Hall
Phone: 502-852-3309

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Dr. Lisa Markowitz

*Lisa Markowitz

Associate Professor

Room/Building: 239 Lutz Hall
Phone: 502-852-2426
Email:Dr. Markowitz

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Dr. Katherine Massoth

Katherine Massoth

Assistant Professor
Department of History

Room/Building: Gardiner Hall 103D
Phone: (502) 852-3704
Email: Dr. Massoth

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Sarah Nunez

*Sarah Nuñez

Assistant Director for Hispanic/Latin@ Initiatives
Cultural Center

Phone: 502-852-0230
Email:Ms. Nuñez

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Dr. Theresa Rajack-Talley

*Theresa Rajack-Talley

Associate Professor
Department of Pan-African Studies

Room/Building: 448 Strickler Hall
Phone: 502-852-4192
Email:Dr. Rajack-Talley

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Dr. Brenda Ortiz-Loyola

Brenda Ortiz-Loyola

Part-Time Lecturer of Distance Education Courses
Latin American and Latino Studies Program

Email: Dr. Ortiz-Loyola

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Mr. Ben Ruiz

*Adolfo (Ben) Ruiz

Creative Director & CEO
Adhawks Advertising & Public Relations, Inc.

Phone: 502-589-3229
Phone: 502-558-7083 Ext. 14


Enid Trucios Haynes

Brandeis School of Law

Room/Building: 250 Brandeis School of Law
Phone: 502-852-7694

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Dr. Margath Walker

Margath Walker

Assistant Professor
Department of Geography and Geosciences

Room/Building: 215 Lutz Hall
Phone: 502-852-2694

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*Cecilia Yappert

Department of Chemistry

Room/Building: 138 Chemistry Building
Phone: 502-852-5976

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*Lorena Miller

Doors to Hope

Phone: 502-384-4673
Email: lorena@doorstohope.com

Maria Shields

Program Assistant of Latin American and Latino Studies Program
LALS Club President
Public Health, Biology, and LALS Student

Room/Building: 304 Stevenson Hall
Email: Maria Shields