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Sustain: Environmentally Responsible Land Use

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In Spring/Summer 2010, the University of Louisville published a volume of Sustain: A Journal of Environmental and Sustainability Issues that focused on environmentally responsible land use,  a topic and volume that was put together by the Center for Land Use and Environmental Responsibility.  The volume collected excerpts from 12 scholarly works on land use and the environment, which together represent a diverse array of exemplary research and thinking on environmentally responsible land use issues.

The entire edition is available in PDF here.  The excerpts appearing in this volume of Sustain are from the following 12 publications (in unranked order):

1. Randolph T. Hester, Design for Ecological Democracy (MIT Press 2006).

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2. Eric T. Freyfogle, Bounded People, Boundless Lands: Envisioning a New Land Ethic (Island Press 1998).

3.  Ben A. Minteer, The Landscape of Reform: Civic Pragmatism and Environmental Thought in America (MIT Press 2006).

4. Patricia E. Salkin, Intersection Between Environmental Justice and Land Use Planning, 58(5) Planning and Environmental Law 3 (2006).

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5. Timothy Beatley and Kristy Manning, The Ecology of Place: Planning for Environment, Economy, and Community (Island Press 1997).

6. Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, The Structure of the Land Use Regulatory System in the United States, 22 Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law 441 (2007).

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7. Nancy Perkins, Charm in the City: Thoughts on Urban Ecosystem Management, 16 Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law 153 (2001).

8. Nicole M. Ardoin, Toward an Interdisciplinary Understanding of Place: Lessons for Environmental Education, 11 Canadian Journal of Environmental Education 112 (2006).


9. Reed F. Noss, Conservation Thresholds: Overview and Commentary, in Lasting Landscapes: Reflections on the Role of Conservation Science in Land Use Planning 1 (Environmental Law Institute 2007).


10. J.B. Ruhl, Agriculture and Ecosystem Services: Strategies for State and Local Governments, 17 New York University Environmental Law Review 424 (2008).

11. Carol Necole Brown, A Time to Preserve: A Call for Formal Private-Party Rights in Perpetual Conservation Easements, 40 Georgia Law Review 85 (2005).

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12. Michael Allan Wolf, Supreme Guidance for Wet Growth: Lessons from the High Court on the Powers and Responsibilities of Local Governments, 9 Chapman Law Review 233 (2006).

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