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The Center for Land Use and Environmental Responsibility


About Us

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            The Center for Land Use and Environmental Responsibility is an interdisciplinary research and public service center at the University of Louisville.  It is one of several centers that compose the Kentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development.

             The Center’s work focuses on society’s land use choices and practices that are related to the natural and human environment.  In particular, the Center’s work seeks to identify principles, methods, and processes that promote environmentally responsible land uses.

             The Center has several functions:

                        1) to support and engage in academic research on land use and environmental problems in society;

                        2) to engage in public service that brings cutting-edge research, knowledge, and ideas to the benefit of the public, government agencies, community groups, professional organizations, and others with the goal of improving land use practices;

                        3) to organize or sponsor interdisciplinary educational programs, such as lectures, conferences, workshops, symposia, and other educational endeavors, that are of benefit to the University community, experts and the public in the Louisville Metro region and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and experts nationally and internationally.




            The Center is directed by Professor Tony Arnold.  Professor Arnold holds the Boehl Chair in Property and Land Use and who teaches law and urban planning courses in the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law and the Department of Urban and Public Affairs.  The Center is housed in the Department of Urban and Public Affairs.

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The Center has faculty and staff affiliates in several different programs.  They are: Professor Steven Bourassa (Urban & Public Affairs), Professor Margaret Carreiro (Biology), Professor Lauren Heberle (Sociology), Professor Avery Kolers (Philosophy), Carol Norton (Urban Planning), Professor Irma Ramos (Public Health), Don Rodgers (Law), Professor Laura Rothstein (Law), Amy Stein (Law), Yani Vozos (Urban Planning and Public Administration), and Dustin Wallen (Urban Planning and Law).  The Center for Land Use and Environmental Responsibility often works closely with the Center for Environmental Policy and Management and The City Solutions Center, which are housed in the Department of Urban and Public Affairs.


            This website is designed to provide information about the work of the Center and useful resources on issues related to land use and the environment.




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