Louisville Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience named Chapter of the Year

Our Chapter has some wonderful accomplishments in its history, many of which have affected positive change for our peers and, most importantly, the general public and eager students. Although we do not undertake these efforts for accolades, we often receive them. Others engaged in science outreach have often commented, publicly and privately, on the notable enthusiasm and effectiveness of the Chapter representatives. To add to those, I have the great pleasure of conveying quite a significant accolade:
The Louisville Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience
has been named the Chapter of the Year!
This major honor is due in great part to the individual efforts throughout the year to enable the many activities in which the Chapter and its representatives engage. The Chapter provided over 700 service hours with outreach to well-over 5000 community members. These efforts come from students, staff, and faculty, and the collective result has been wonderful. The effectiveness of those efforts has been enhanced in recent years by the significant work of a few who deserve special recognition.
This national-level recognition the Chapter has received was made possible through the work of Cynthia Corbitt (Department of Biology; 2016-17 Chapter Past-President) and Kristofer Rau (Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine; 2016-17 Chapter President). Cindy has been the spine of the Chapter for years and has ensured a continued growth. Kris has “been himself”, and applied his energy to bring his love of science to the public. Never seeking accolades, his efforts have nonetheless garnered attention. He received the University of Louisville Outstanding Community Engagement Award for Staff in 2016. This year his excellence earned him a Society for Neuroscience Next Generation Award.
On behalf of the Chapter and the community, thanks for all you do!
Current President, Louisville Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience
- Jeff Petruska