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Pathologies of the nervous system including  traumatic injuries and neurodegenerative diseases are accompanied by neuronal- and/or oligodendrocyte cell death and dysfunction. The resulting loss of cell bodies, synapses, cellular processes, and meylin sheets is thought to underlie neurological deficits occurring in these conditions. Conversely, excessive growth of neural cells is associated with such pathologies as epilepsy, autism or neuropathic pain. Therefore, therapeutic interventions to enhance neuronal/oligodendrocyte survival and to regulate their growth may prevent development of deleterious neurological symptoms. The research in my laboratory is concentrated on identification of molecules controlling neuronal/oligodenrocyte survival and growth. My particular interests are in:  Area 1- Defining the role of the nucleolus in neuronal health and disease, and, Area 2- Identifying signaling pathways that control neuronal/oligodendroglial cell survival and growth.   .

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