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File Talbott Exp Neurol 2007
Talbott JF, Q Cao, J Bertran, M Nkansah, RL Benton, E Lavik & SR Whittemore (2007) CNTF promotes the survival and differentiation of adult spinal cord-derived oligodendrocyte precursor cells in vitro but fails to promote remyelination in vivo, Exp Neurol 204:485-489
File Cruz-Orengo Neurosci Letts 2007
Cruz-Orengo L, JD Figueroa, A Torrado, A Puig, SR Whittemore & JD Miranda (2007) Reduction of EphA4 receptor expression after spinal cord injury does not induce axonal regeneration or return of tcMMEP responses, Neurosci Letts 418:49-54
File Abellatif J Neuro Res 2006 (page proofs)
Abdellatif AA, Pelt JL, Benton RL, Howard RM, Tsoulfas P, Ping P, Xu XM, Whittemore SR (2006) Gene delivery to the spinal cord: Comparison between lentiviral, adenoviral, and retroviral vector delivery systems, J Neuro Res 84:000-000 (Page Proofs)
File Cruz-Orengo Exp Neurology 2006
Cruz-Orengo L, Figueroa JD, Velazquez I, Torrado A, Ortiz C, Hernandez C, Puig A, Segarra A, Whittemore SR, Miranda JD (2006) Blocking EphA4 upregulation after spinal cord injury results in enhanced chronic pain Exp Neurology (Page Proofs)
File Enzmann J Neurotrauma 2006
Enzmann GU, Benton RL, Talbott JF, Cao QL, Whittemore SR (2006) Functional considerations of stem cell transplantation therapy for spinal cord repair J Neurotrauma 23 (3/4): 479-495
File Figueroa J Nuero Res 2006
Figueroa JD, Benton RL, Velazquez I, Torrado AI, Ortiz CM, Henandez CM, Diaz JJ, Magnuson DS, Whittemore SR, Miranda JD (2006) Inhibition of EphA7 up-regulation after spinal cord injury reduces apoptosis and promotes locomotor recovery J Neuro Res
File Talbott Glia 2006
Talbott JF, Cao WL, Enzmann GU, Benton RL, Achim V, Cheng XX, Mills MD, Rao MS, Whittemore SR (2006) Schwann cell-like differentiation by adult oligodendrocyte precursor cells following engraftment into the demyelinated spinal cord is BMP-dependent, Glia 54: 147-159
File Benton Neurochem Res 2005
Benton RL, JP Woock, M Hetman, E Gozal, SR Whittemore: Intraspinal application of endothelin results in focal ischemic injury of spinal gray matter and restricts the differentiation of engrafted neural stem cells, Neurochem Res 30:809-823, 2005.
File Cao J Neurosci 2005
Cao Q, Xu X-M, DeVries WH, Enzmann GU, Ping P, Wood PM, Tsoulfas P, Bunge MB, Whittemore SR (2005) Functional recovery in traumatic spinal cord injury following transplantation of multineurotrophin-expressing glial precursor cells. J Neurosci 25:6947-6957
File Irizarry-Ramirez J Neurotrauma 2005
Irizarry-Ram¡rez M, CA Willson, I Vel zquez, H Jones, SR Whittemore & JD Miranda (2005) Upregulation of EphA3 receptor after spinal cord injury, J Neurotrauma 22:929-935
File Enzmann Exp Neurol 2005
Enzmann GU*, RL Benton*, JP Woock, RM Howard, P Tsoulfas & SR Whittemore (2005) Consequences of noggin expression by glial and neuronal precursor cells engrafted into the injured spinal cord. Exp Neurol 195:293-304 (*these two authors contributed equally)
File Cao Exp Neuol 2005
Cao Q, YP Zhang, C Iannotti, WH DeVries, XM Xu, CB Shields & SR Whittemore (2005) Functional and electrophysiological consequences of graded contusive spinal cord injury in the adult rat, Exp Neurol 191:S3-S16
File Talbott Exp Neurol 2005
Talbott JF, DN Loy, Y Liu, MS Qiu, MB Bunge, MS Rao & SR Whittemore (2005) Endogenous Nkx2.2+/Olig2+ oligodendrocyte precursor cells fail to remyelinate the demyelinated adult rat spinal cord in the absence of astrocytes, Exp Neurol 192:11-24
File Gajavelli Exp Neurol 2004
Gajavelli S, Wood PM, Pennica D, Whittemore SR, Tsoulfas, P: BMP signaling initiates a neural crest differentiation program in embryonic rat CNS stem cells. Exp Neurol 188: 205-223, 2004.
File Loy J Neurosci 2002
Loy DN, Magnuson DSK, Zhang YP, Onifer SM, Mills MD, Cao QL, Darnall JB, Fajardo LC, Burke DA, Whittemore SR: Functional redundancy of ventral spinal locomotor pathways. J Neurosci 22:315-323, 2002.
File Loy J Comp Neurol 2002
Loy DN, Crawford CH, Darnall JB, Burke DA, Onifer SM, Whittemore SR: Temporal progression of angiogenesis and basal lamina deposition after contusive spinal cord injury in the adult rat. J Comp Neurol 445:308-324, 2002.
File Cao Exp Neurol 2002
Cao Q-L, Howard RM, Dennison, JB, Whittemore SR: Differentiation of engrafted neuronal restricted precursor cells is inhibited in the traumatically injured spinal cord. Exp Neurol 177:349-359, 2002.
File Yang J Neurosci Res 2002
Yang P, Seiler MJ, Aramant RB, Whittemore SR: Differential lineage restriction of rat neural retina precursor cells in vitro and in vivo. J Neurosci Res, 69:466-476, 2002.
File Yang Exp Neurol 2002
Yang P, Seiler MJ, Aramant RB, Whittemore SR: In vitro isolation and expansion of human retinal progenitor cells. Exp Neurol 177:326-331, 2002.
File Loy Exp Neurol 2002
Loy DN, JF Talbott, SM Onifer, MD Mills, DA Burke, JB Darnall, LC Farajdo, DSK Magnuson & SR Whittemore: Both dorsal and ventral spinal cord pathways contribute to overground locomotion in the adult rat, Exp Neurol 177:575-580, 2002
File Cao J Neurosci Res 2002
Cao QL, Benton RL, Whittemore SR: Stem cell repair of central nervous system injury. J Neurosci Res 68:501-510, 2002.
File Methods Chapter 2002
Cao QL, Onifer SM, Whittemore SR: Labeling stem cells in vitro for identification of their differentiated phenotypes after grafting into the CNS. In: Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 198: Neural Stem Cells: Methods and Protocols, Zigova T, Sanberg PR, Sanchez-Ramos J (eds). Humana Press, Totowa, NJ. Chapter 28, pp 307-318, 2002.
File Benton et al. 2008
File Benton et al. 2008-2
File Cheng et al. 2007
File Zhang et al. 2008
File Talbott et al. 2007
File Mahoney et al. 2009
File Beare et al. 2009
File Ma 2009
File Cruz-Orengo et al. 2007
File Hill et al. 2009
File Benton et al. 2009
File Benton et al. 2009-2
File Krischner et al.
File Fassbender exp neurol
File Fassbender 2011
File Myers 2011
File Saraswat 2011a
File Saraswat 2011b
File Yu 2011
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