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Recent Publications - Dr. David Stirling

Recent Publications

Lau L, Keough MB, Haylock-Jacobs S, Cua R, Doring A, Sloka S, Stirling DP, Rivest S, Yong VW.  (2012) Chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans in demyelinated lesions impair remyelination.  Ann Neurol. 72(3):419-432.

Stirling DP, Stys PK (2010) Mechanisms of axonal injury: internodal nanocomplexes and calcium deregulation. Trends Mol Med. 16(4):160-70.

Stirling DP, Liu S, Kubes P, Yong VW  (2009) Depletion of Ly6G/Gr-1 leukocytes after spinal cord injury in mice alters wound healing and worsens neurological outcome. J Neurosci. 29(3):753-64.

Stirling DP, Liu J, Plunet W, Steeves JD, Tetzlaff W (2008) SB203580, a p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase inhibitor, fails to improve functional outcome following a moderate spinal cord injury in rat. Neuroscience 155:128-137.

Stirling DP, Yong VW (2008) Dynamics of the inflammatory response after murine spinal cord injury revealed by flow cytometry. J Neurosci Res 86:1944-1958.

Yong VW, Agrawal SM, Stirling DP (2007) Targeting MMPs in acute and chronic neurological conditions. Neurotherapeutics 4:580-589.

Stirling DP, Koochesfahani KM, Steeves JD, Tetzlaff W (2005) Minocycline as a neuroprotective agent. Neuroscientist 11:308-322.


Stirling DP, Khodarahmi K, Liu J, McPhail LT, McBride CB, Steeves JD, Ramer MS, Tetzlaff W (2004) Minocycline treatment reduces delayed oligodendrocyte death, attenuates axonal dieback, and improves functional outcome after spinal cord injury. J Neurosci 24:2182-2190.

Stirling DP*, McPhail LT*, Tetzlaff W, Kwiecien JM, Ramer MS (2004) The contribution of activated phagocytes and myelin degeneration to axonal retraction/dieback following spinal cord injury. Eur J Neurosci 20:1984-1994.

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