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Recent Publications - Dr. David S. K. Magnuson

Kuerzi and Magnuson

John Kuerzi, a recent Master's graduate with Dr. Magnuson

Recent Publications

Kim JH, Song SK, Burke DA, Magnuson DS. Comprehensive locomotor outcomes correlate to hyperacute diffusion tensor measures after spinal cord injury in the adult rat. Exp Neurol. 235: 188-196, 2012.
Caudle KL, Brown EH, Shum-Siu A, Burke DA, Magnuson TSG, Voor MJ, Magnuson DSK. Hindlimb immobilization in a wheelchair alters functional recovery following contusive spinal cord injury in the adult rat. Neurorehab and Neural Repair. 25: 729-39, 2011.
Cheng J, Magnuson DSK. Initiation of segmental locomotor-like activities by stimulation of ventrolateral funiculus in the neonatal rat. Exp Br Res. 214: 151-161, 2011.
Kuerzi J, Brown EH, Shum-Siu A, Siu A, Burke D, Morehouse J, Smith RR, Magnuson DSK. Task-specificity vs ceiling effect: Step-training in shallow water after spinal cord injury. Exp Neurol 224: 178-87. 2010.
Reed WR, Shum-Siu A, Whelan A, Onifer SM and Magnuson DSK. Anterograde labeling of ventrolateral funiculus pathways with spinal enlargement connections in the adult rat spinal cord. Br Res 1302: 76-84. 2009.

Magnuson DSK, Smith RR, Brown EH, Enzmann G, Angeli C, Quesada PM and Burke DA. Swimming as a model of task-specific locomotor re-training after spinal cord injury in the rat. Neurorehab and Neural Repair. 23(6):535-45. 2009.

Smith RR, Brown EH, Shum-Siu A, Whelan A, Burke DA, Benton RL and Magnuson DSK. Swim training initiated acutely after spinal cord injury is ineffective and induces extravasation in and around the epicenter. J Neurotrauma 26(7): 1017-1027. 2009..

Hill RL, Zhang YP, Burke DA, DeVries WH, Zhang Y, Magnuson DSK, Whittemore SR, Shields CB. Anatomical and functional outcomes following a precise, graded, dorsal laceration spinal cord injury in C57BL/6 mice. J Neurotrauma 26: 1-15. 2009

Reed WR, Shum-Siu A, Magnuson DSK. Reticulospinal pathways in the ventrolateral funiculus with terminations in the cervical and lumbar enlargements of the adult rat spinal cord. Neuroscience 151: 505-517, 2008.

Smith RR, Burke DA, Baldini AD, Shum-Siu A, Baltzley R, Bunger M, Magnuson DS. The Louisville Swim Scale: A Novel Assessment of Hindlimb Function following Spinal Cord Injury in Adult Rats. J Neurotrauma 23:1654-1670, 2006.

Reed WR, Shum-Siu A, Onifer SM, Magnuson DS. Inter-enlargement pathways in the ventrolateral funiculus of the adult rat spinal cord. Neuroscience 142:1195-1207, 2006.

Beaumont E, Onifer SM, Reed W and Magnuson DS. Magnetically-evoked inter-enlargement responses: Characterization of a bilaterally represented propriospinal pathway in the adult rat. Exp Neurol 201:428-440, 2006

Smith RS, Shum-Siu A, Baltzley R, Bunger M, Baldini A and Magnuson DSK. The effects of cutaneous feedback and intensive training on locomotor recovery after incomplete spinal cord injury in rats. J. Neurotrauma 23:908-919   2006.

Magnuson DSK, Lovett MR, Coffee C, Gray RA, Han Y, Zhang YP, Burke DA Functional consequences of lumbar spinal cord contusion injuries in the adult rat. J Neurotrauma 22(5): 529-543, 2005.

Rao SC, Li X, Rao ChV, Magnuson DSK: Human chorionic gonadotropin/luteinizing hormone receptor expression in the adult rat spinal cord. Neurosci Lett 336:135-138, 2003.

Loy DN, Talbott JF, Onifer SM, Mills MD, Burke DA, Dennison JB, Fajardo LC, Magnuson DSK, Whittemore SR: Both dorsal and ventral spinal cord pathways contribute to overground locomotion in the adult rat. Exp Neurol 177:575-580, 2002.

Antonino-Green DM, Cheng J, Magnuson DSK: Neurons labeled from locomotor-related ventrolateral funiculus stimulus sites in the neonatal rat spinal cord. J Comp Neurol 442:226-238, 2002.

Loy DN, Magnuson DSK, Zhang YP, Onifer SM, Mills MD, Cao QL, Darnall JB, Fajardo LC, Burke DA, Whittemore SR: Functional redundancy of ventral spinal locomotor pathways. J Neurosci 22:315-323, 2002.


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