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Biography - Dr. Alexander Ovechkin

Dr. Alexander Ovechkin received his MD and PhD degrees in Surgery from Perm State Medical Academy, Russia in 1981 and 1996, respectively. While working as a general surgeon, he maintained his academic affiliation with Perm State Medical Academy. Combining his duties as a clinician with his interest in medical research, he also worked as a Research Associate in the Russian State Medical Academy while serving as the Medical Director of Surgery at the Perm City Hospital. During this time, his publications dealt with surgical and pathophysiological issues. In 1999, Dr. Ovechkin came to the University of Louisville Department of Physiology & Biophysics to continue his research. Dr. Ovechkin was involved in projects which studied the regulatory mechanisms of pulmonary circulation in an ischemia-reperfusion model.

 In 2005 Dr. Ovechkin received his second PhD degree in Physiology & Biophysics from the University of Louisville. During his studies he developed unique electrophysiological and echocardiographic methods for evaluating lung and heart function. Dr. Ovechkin is as an Assistant Professor in the University of Louisville, Department of Neurological Surgery and an associate faculty member of the Department of Physiology & Biophysics.

In 2006, he joined the Neuroscience Collaborative Center where he performs clinical research dealing with cardiovascular and pulmonary dysfunction in individuals with chronic spinal cord injury.  Recently, he has become involved in studies of motor control recovery during acute and chronic spinal cord injury. Dr. Ovechkin has authored of more than 50 publications and his work has been extensively presented at National and International meetings.

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