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Research & Collaborative Projects

KIESD works with numerous community partners to affect positive change....


  The Partnership for a Green City

Partnership for a Green CityThe Partnership for a Green City, began in August 2004, as a major step toward overcoming challenges to Louisville's environmental practices. The Partnership represents a collaborative effort to improve environmental education, environmental health, and environmental management by three of Louisville's largest public entities:  Louisville Metro Government, the University of Louisville (via KIESD), and the Jefferson County Public Schools. Together, these agencies employ some 25,900 people, enroll 120,000 students, own more than 500 buildings, 7,000 vehicles, and own 25,000 acres of land in Metro Louisville. Through the coordination of efforts and cooperation, the Partnership has been able to realize real results that will have long-term impact on the health, education, and well-being of our citizens.

West Jefferson Community Task Force

KIESD has been working with the West Jefferson County Community Task Force (WJCCTF) on environmental justice issues since 1996.  The Institute operates an air toxic monitoring network in west Louisville and a laboratory on the Belknap Campus.  This air toxic data was used by the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District in the development of its nationally recognized air toxic regulation (STAR program).  The searchable air toxic data base is available here Air Toxic Data Base.   If you are interested in learning more about the WCCTF their website is available at WJCCTF.

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