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Center for Environmental Engineering

Director - Mark French

 The Center for Environmental Engineering leads and promotes multidisciplinary research, education and outreach in environmental engineering, sciences, policy, and sustainability.

Sub-Centers:  Stream Restoration, Water Infrastructure Research


Center for Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

Director - Russell Prough

CEOHS seeks to stimulate interdisciplinary research in environmental health sciences and provide a thrust towards education and outreach to the public, industries, and local and state governments in Kentucky. 

Sub-Centers:  Environmental Cardiology Center, Department for Environmental Health 


 Center for Environmental Policy and Management

Director -  Lauren Heberle

The Center seeks to provide research and technical assistance to local, state and tribal governments, businesses and nonprofit organizations regarding sustainable environmental policy, program development, and evaluation. The CEPM houses the UofL Environmental Finance Center serving EPA Region 4.  The EFC is a member of the Environmental Finance Center Network (EFCN) which allow us to access environmental experts from across the country in 10 different academic institutions.    


Sub-Center:  EPA Region IV Environmental Finance Center


Center for Environmental Science

Director - Margaret Carreiro

The Center for Environmental Science conducts theoretical and applied scientific research that advances our understanding of the interactions between natural and human-modified environments, particularly in urban and suburban areas, and expands the knowledge base in conservation and restoration science. The Center also carries out and participates in education and outreach activities that translate scientific research findings to environmental managers, educators, land-use planners, and the public in order to improve our collective understanding of the value of the ecological services provided by nature to societal sustainability and quality of life.


Center for Land Use and Environmental Responsibility

Director - Tony Arnold

The Center for Land Use and Environmental Responsibility is an interdisciplinary center  focused on society’s land use choices and practices that are related to the natural and human environment.   In particular, the Center’s work seeks to identify principles, methods, and processes that promote environmentally responsible land uses.


Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods

Director -  John Gilderbloom

 The Center’s mission is to create public-private partnerships to implement sustainable urban renovation and rehabilitation.  Through outreach-oriented partnerships with community development organizations, business firms, government agencies, community groups, and universities, the Center promotes human and economic development in the impoverished neighborhoods of West Louisville.  


Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center

Director - Lissa McCracken

The Center is a technical information and assistance office located at a state-owned university, which shall facilitate and promote the commercial implementation of pollution prevention technologies and procedures by providing technical and financial assistance, as available, to business and industry. (KRS 224.46-315)

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