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Looking up CFL Grades

If you took a CFL class at UofL you can view your grade by logging into Ulink and view your transcript:
Go to
Signing in to ULink for the first time will require a few easy steps to get your account information set up and activated.

  1. You are a UofL student so if you do not know your user ID, you can get your user ID using your Social Security Number and birthdate. Your ULink user ID will be the same as your university email userID. (Example: jmsmit01) If you have trouble getting this ID you can call the help desk 502-852-7997.
  2. You will initially log on using a default password: Your password will be the first two letters of your first name, then the first two letters of your last name, then an exclamation mark (!), then the last four digits of your student id. For Jane Smith, student ID 1234567, her password is jasm!4567. **If you have forgotten your password and have not set your challenge questions, please take a picture ID to a computing center for a password reset.
  3. Students should also select a Personal Identification Number (PIN) when first logging in to ULink. Ordering official transcripts, viewing account statements, and paying fees with a credit card in ULink will require a PIN for access. To choose a PIN, click on the "Student Services" tab across the top of the page. Under the menu heading "Personal Info," select "PIN" and follow the instructions on that page. Do not share your PIN.

If you have any other user ID or password problems, please contact the IT Help Desk at 852-7997.

Once you are logged into Ulink click on:

  1. Student Services
  2. Go to “Registrations” on the right side of the page
  3. Scroll down to “Transcripts”
  4. Select “View/Print Unofficial” to view your grade.