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DV Project

Familias Fuertes, Comunidades Fuertes (Strong Families, Strong Communities)

Familias Fuertes, Comunidades Fuertes

(Strong Families, Strong Communities)

This project is supported by Grant Number 90EV0419 from the Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Family and Youth Services Bureau, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Goal & Objectives

This project will plan and implement culturally specific, trauma informed domestic violence services that meet the needs and enhance the strengths of Hispanic/Latin@ victims/survivors and their children in Metro Louisville.

Specifically, this project will:

  • Facilitate the recovery of victims of domestic violence
  • Increase access to culturally specific, trauma informed domestic violence services
  • Build the infrastructure for education and services across community agencies


Familias Fuertes, Communidades Fuertes (F&CF) utilizes a comprehensive, community based approach consisting of:

  • Capacity building
  • Community outreach and referral source education
  • Culturally specific trauma informed domestic violence services
  • Consumer feedback and evaluation
  • Dissemination of lessons learned, relevant findings, and best practices

Outcomes Expected

1)      a single culturally appropriate trauma screening tool will have been identified, implemented, and evaluated to be used with Hispanic/Latin@s across all participating agencies, with a minimum of five agencies agreeing to participate in screening and referral;

2)      outreach and educational materials from each of the core agencies will have been reviewed, adapted, and translated to be trauma-informed and culturally appropriate;

3)      at least one staff member at each agency will be designated and trained (under a train-the trainers model) to provide education and professional development that address trauma-informed care, domestic violence, and the unique needs of Hispanic/Latin@s, with at least 60 professionals and 30 community agencies receiving training;

4)      identification, implementation, and evaluation of a trauma informed, culturally adapted domestic violence clinical services model for 250 adult, child, and adolescent clients over the course of the grant period;

5)      comprehensive review and adaptation of empowerment and client psycho-education to increase trauma, domestic violence, and cultural competence for core agencies;

6)      increase outreach to Hispanic/Latin@s by 50% through an increase in culturally and linguistically specific programs;

7)      disseminate findings of the program through grant partnerships, reports to the granting agency, conference presentations, and scholarly publications.

Our Partner Agencies

La Casita Center

The Center for Women and Families

Family & Children’s Place

Project Faculty and Staff

Adrian Archuleta , PhD, Co-PI

Linda Bledsoe , PhD, Co-PI

Melissa JK Gross , MEd , Project Coordinator

Bibhuti K. Sar , PhD, Principal Investigator

Emma Sterret, PhD, Co-PI

Additional Program Steering Committee Members

Karina Barillas, MEd (La Casita Center)

Cindy Guertin, MA, LMFT (The Center for Women and Families)

Connie Martinez, PhD (The Center for Women and Families)

Donna Russow, MSW, LCSW (Family & Children’s Place)

John Taylor, MEd, LMHC (Family & Children’s Place)

Please contact Melissa JK Gross, Research Manager at 502-852-6725 if you would like to learn more or become involved in this project.