Winter Session

Want take a class at U of L over the break between the Fall and Spring semesters?

The University of Louisville is launching a Winter Session where students will be able to take an online course during the 3-week break between the end of the Fall semester and beginning of the Spring semester. The session will run December 13-January 3.

The MSSW Program is offering 2 online courses during this session: SW 660 Motivation and Change; SW 642 Psychopathology. Both of these courses are ELECTIVE courses. You are only permitted to take ONE course during the Winter Session.

The BSW Program is offering the Introduction to Social Work class during this session: SW 201.

These courses are a great way to lighten your load for a future semester. If you have questions regarding how these specific courses would alter your curriculum plan, please contact your advisor at the Kent School.

Registration for the courses starts on October 16. For more information on these courses, including a list of frequently asked questions and contact information for financial aid and the bursar’s office, please visit the Winter Session site at: