EVPRI Internal Research Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Stephanie Prost.  The EVPRI Internal Research Grant Committee has recommended your Research I proposal entitled, "Older Adults in Kentucky State Prisons (OAK) Study; identified as "Older Adults in Kentucky Department of Corrections Prisons" in 2018 submission" for funding. I am very pleased to approve an allocation of $1,428.20 for support of the research project described in this proposal. Before the EVPRI Internal Research Grant award funds will be available for you to use, you are required to supply this office with an approval letter and number to correspond with the compliance regulation(s) you noted on your application. Once this office receives the required approval(s), the funds will be available. The funding period for this award begins June 1, 2019 and must be encumbered before May 31, 2020. Thank you for your commitment to research and scholarship at the University of Louisville.