BSW Student Spotlight: Olivia Hilbert

Olivia Hilbert, a BSW sophomore, chose social work because she is “a strong believer in doing good with what you have,  whatever that may be.”  This belief inspired her to pursue a path in the social work field to fulfill her desire to help people in many different capacities.  The Northern Kentucky native said “I have grown to love social work even more through UofL and the phenomenal people I have met here. The profession, my peers, and faculty have allowed me to acknowledge and challenge my privilege and use it for good. It has been amazing to learn the difference one can make by simply lending a hand and trying your best to give back the good you have received, and that is what I love about social work and the Kent School.”


Hilbert recently went on a study abroad international trip to Cape Town, South Africa. She decided to study abroad, because she wanted to experience and learn more about a different culture, and herself from the trip. “I chose South Africa for its beauty and diversity, but also for its rich history of monumental change. An immense amount of reform has taken place in recent years, and it was a beautiful experience to witness these transitions and history.” Hilbert’s favorite part of study abroad was having the privilege of witnessing how so many different cultures can simultaneously accept each other’s differences and come together to appreciate each other’s similarities.


“Molo, Cards! That is hello in Xhosa which is one of the 11 official languages here in South Africa" says Hilbert.  In addition to learning about the different languages, she was able to see many sights the country had to offer (pictured top of the Lion’s Head.) “My friends and I caught an early hike to the top of the mountain, and the views were incredible. The beaches, hikes, food, people, and the many different cultures are all amazing here. School will be quite the adjustment, but my classes have been interesting so far!” Hilbert attended classes at the University of the Western Cape. “It is a relatively new university with lots of history, so I am honored to be a part of this campus. I am excited to continue my semester here and learn all there is to know about the amazing country I am in!”


In the future, Olivia is interested in working with single parent families, and would like to support them on their journey towards achieving their goals. She is also interested in possibly working with criminal justice reform and alternative sentencing programs.