10th Annual Bachelor of Social Work Capstone Project Poster Presentations

The BSW Program presented the 10th Annual Bachelor of Social Work Capstone Project Poster Presentations virtually this year. Please explore the projects our BSW students have created to make a difference in social work service agencies and/or the community.  You may view the student YouTube videos listed below. Meet the Kent School of Social Work students of today and get a glimpse of the social work practitioners of tomorrow!


BSW Capstone Poster Presentations


Student Presentation Title Site Link to Presentation 
Aceto, Jacqueline Life Skill Classes for the Newly Housed St. John Center for Homeless Men https://youtu.be/e710WgAa2v0
Ashy, Sarah Falls in the Home Senior Nutrition Program https://youtu.be/BQMwxjuq2dg
Awayid, Athena Landlord Housing Database Implementation St. Vincent de Paul https://youtu.be/Aw-liPbZacg
Banks, Caitlynn Foster Parent Support Group DCBS Bullitt County https://youtu.be/d1MghVFIXQ4
Baxter, Meredith Protecting Homeless Youth Wayside Christian Mission https://youtu.be/7U_b1-hASj8
Brown, Alex Burnout and Boundaries at the Healing Place The Healing Place https://youtu.be/CQspb5bQqXI
Bruderle, Kayla Facebook Management Fern Creek Highview Ministries https://youtu.be/4IWleCpO5ts
Bushra, Ali Capstone Project Family and Children’s Place https://youtu.be/mVv22olwVfI
Calhoun, Kelly Meeting Students’ Unmet Needs Due to Income Disparity College View Academy https://youtu.be/1Vc7XaI2zVk
Catoe,Emily Secondary Funding Sources for Non-Profit Organizations Oxford House, Inc. https://youtu.be/jp0latRU4C4
Cansler, Natasha Workplace Safety & De-Escalation Family Scholar House https://youtu.be/aZOuMd19j0w
Chou, Mariko Soft Skills Development Course Americana Community Center https://youtu.be/za4arPyWcBE
Clark, Ulysses Boyz Club Brotherhood  North Hardin Middle School https://youtu.be/nbQPLImsqik
Conatser, Brianna Autism in Older Adults UofL Trager Institute https://youtu.be/7b1I-FN6Ta0
Durkin, Theresa Summer Learning Loss United Crescent Hill Ministries https://youtu.be/Kz37YVfQB6M
Duvall, Sarah Let’s Lunch: Lunch Group for Chronically Absent Students Mill Creek Family Resource Center https://youtu.be/SjhiGujmDNg
Emonz, Rachel Volunteer Importance Creating a Manual Highland Community Ministries https://youtu.be/5djPLDOL3cI
Evans, Elana Yoga Nidra Program Checkpoint One https://youtu.be/0AjgsMdG6G4
Funk, Danielle Resource Guide foe Those Working with Older Adults Who Use Substances UofL Trager Institute https://youtu.be/gaEA2-ZjBMI
Gahafer, Kaitlynne Tech First Cabbage Patch Settlement House https://youtu.be/K4oYytDui7c
Gravatte, Kyle Norton Elementary Boy’s Group Norton Elementary School https://youtu.be/yq6d-x-t3FE
Graven, Robert CLASP Community Board Family and Children’s Place https://youtu.be/PLQbH2l6moc
Hagan Jade Closing the Achievement Gap Between CLD and Non-CLD Students at Rutherford Elementary Rutherford Elementary School https://youtu.be/XlJzora_f9A
Hare, Cara Food Security for Older Adults UofL Trager Institute https://youtu.be/2Za1B-Nt3po
Hawkins, Sydney Soft-Skills Discussion Class Home of the Innocents https://youtu.be/5nS3DodnbGc
Higgs, Savannah Group Music Therapy: Hymnals for Hope Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries https://youtu.be/bs0aIWsCces
Howard, Elizabeth Developing Life Skills St. Vincent de Paul https://youtu.be/oMDMdGrAx08
Johnson, Iesha Creation of a Self-Care Assessment for Centerstone’s Community Collaboration for Children Centerstone https://youtu.be/b8MgTgP8dIE
Jones, Madison High-Risk Suicidal Clients Pennyroyal Crisis Clinic Pennyroyal Crisis Clinic https://youtu.be/fesJRlVZi9Y
Kapple, Emily Finding A Voice for Non-English Speaking Residents Catholic Charities of Louisville: LTC Ombudsman Program https://youtu.be/XEO19lLPOjw
Kranz, Daleigh Parent Engagement in Elementary Level Schools Portland Elementary https://youtu.be/L65uI9W64u4
Mason, Antoinette Evaluation and Examination of Emergency Assistance Services United Crescent Hill Ministries https://youtu.be/OmfGASTzmQw
McElroy, Ashley Access to Resources & Jobs for Low Income Families Fern Creek HIghview Ministries https://youtu.be/RfKM6ggyW2U
McInnes, Robert Attendance Matters  Appleton Area Schools District https://youtu.be/1rwpdMG73Qg
McKnight, Jhada Addressing African America Disproportionality in Child Protective Services Jefferson County Child Protective Services https://youtu.be/52xF7r0wZ5o
Mills, Gabriel Evidenced based Interview Sheets Division of Protection and Permanency Bullitt County https://youtu.be/MTGxaKW-ahk
Nelson, Erin Self-Care in the Social Work Field St. Vincent de Paul https://youtu.be/60y0w7Dg2zw
Ostertag, Makayla Big Buddy/Little Buddy Program Implementation at Olmsted North Olmsted Academy North https://youtu.be/dtX-Nx_MmfQ
Overbey, Lincoln Orientation Handbook for Gateway Children’s Services Gateway Children’s Services https://youtu.be/UqQAEJfRo2A
Parish, Brennan Trust Based Relational Intervention for Out of Home Care Children DCBS - Oldham County https://youtu.be/EQ2lJEnINjs
Pettus, Erika Smart Justice American Civil Liberties Union https://youtu.be/TwdDI5xgWCU
Priddy, Courtney Dance Therapy Americana Community Center https://youtu.be/8rHLMVZxenM
Reed, Alita Liberty Elementary’s Food Bag Program Liberty Element School https://youtu.be/t9nzGB5VkrM
Richie, Jeremiah Exercise Intervention on Substance Use Disorder Performed At The Volunteers of America Volunteers of America https://youtu.be/mpXkQsPOLcA
Ritchie, Amber Housing Navigation Tool for Individuals with Recent Criminal History Phoenix Health Care Center https://youtu.be/iZ3GC3AHJqg
Rizvanovic, Jasmina Recruiting A Volunteer Educator The Alzheimer’s Association https://youtu.be/MT7w25xD_90
Roehrig, Madison  Using Education to Reduce Recidivism: A KEY Workbook Binder Dismas Charities https://youtu.be/hBieQvzSPWM
Schulz-Shelley, Sandy After School Activities at Rutherford Rutherford Elementary School https://youtu.be/4S2BD1VSC6w
Scully, Angela US Air Force Exceptional Family Member Program 48th Medical Group EFMP  https://youtu.be/g5oVHiptzzw
Showalter, Jared MissingUtilizing Mindfulness Practices to Minimize Burnout in Social Workers DCBS Shelby County https://youtu.be/3pqKDLaVzA0
Steltenpohl, Elizabeth Volunteerism Among Adolescent Youth AmeriCorps-Crosby Middle School https://youtu.be/W1MojNb9eaw 
Stone, Vickie Healthy Cooking Classes ElderServe https://youtu.be/xsGcUxyv5GE
Sumner, Keri Increase Retention & Job Satisfaction in CPS DCBS - Bullitt County https://youtu.be/xgCd2Bcb4cQ
Thomas, Amanda Building Rapport with Participants and Advocates Family Scholar House https://youtu.be/25HgR-2wjNE
Townsend, Michelle Building Bridges in the Highland Highland Community Ministries https://youtu.be/jKp6BCxm3nY
Vandaveer, Sydney Employment in Substance Use Treatment Volunteers of America https://youtu.be/g0QIr0VG3L4
Walker, Peyton Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction An Intervention for Caregiver Burnout UofL Trager Institute https://youtu.be/44NznBvdD1M
Wathen,  Abigail Meaningful Participation Fueling Empowerment Eastern Area Community Ministries https://youtu.be/KgiHf_tEUuI
Welch, Jessalyn Peer Led Sex Education Planned Parenthood https://youtu.be/3ZdC3z0jmyM
Williams, Jamacia Behavior Specific Praise on Behavioral Outcomes Family & Children's Place https://youtu.be/DuXrsYOaLi0
Wray, Paige The implementation of Social Work: Beginning step Bluegrass Center for Autism https://youtu.be/xGKWn_1n5Jk