Business Center (Faculty & Staff only)

Contact Information

Elana Nance, Assistant Dean for Finance, 502.852.0418

April Clark, Unit Business Manager,  502.852.2407

April Hebner, Program Coordinator Sr., 502.852.6405

Tammy Vories, Research Grant Specialist, 502.852.3934

Kent School Business Center Service Account,

Financial Information

FY2015 Fiscal Year End Calendar



Telephone/Communications Information

How do I set up a conference service?

  • Contact Debra Evans by email, or phone: (502) 852-6566.

What if I don't really know what type of conference call or equipment I need?

  • If you need to meet with Debra Evans after your initial contact, her office is in Oppenheimer Hall, Room 102.
  • The Information Technology website has additional information on what is available: Conferencing on the IT web