Bonner Site Evaluation

This evaluation form is a requirement for all returning Bonner students. The information provided will allow the UofL Bonner Leaders program to make informed placement choices in the future. Please be honest - the information provided here will not be seen by the sites.

Please provide email address
Please provide the first and last name of your primary supervisor. If you have/had more than one supervisor, include their first and last name.
Please rate the following:
 Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeither agree nor disagreeAgreeStrongly agree
The Job Description was accurate
Site demonstrated willingness to work with student schedule
Site provided orientation to agency expectations
Site discussed the community issues being/to be addressed
Site provided continued training as needed
Site provided work appropriate for learning goals
Site provides opportunity for increased responsibility
Site provides appropriate supervision
Site treats student fairly and with respect
Site demonstrates patience with student error
Site provides critical feedback regularly
Site demonstrates willingness to work with student individually
Please provide detail
(signing time sheets, providing direction, adequate supervision, etc.)
Please describe your responsibilites at this site. Were you assigned to work with or create a partcular program/event/etc. or were your responsibilities general in nature? Please be as descriptive as possible.