Bonner Leaders of Louisville


Bonner Leaders of Louisville

Undergraduate Program Only


The Bonner Leader Program is a service-learning leadership program that places students to serve at local non-profit organizations addressing social justice, educational, poverty, environmental, and cultural/arts issues present in the Louisville community. In addition to direct service experiences, training, enrichment, reflection, and co-education with community partners are integral aspects of the program.

This program is funded through AmeriCorps, therefore students are required to complete the program in a particular time period based upon the term of service commitment. Upon completion of this term of service, each participant receives an education award that may be applied to student loans or college costs.

Bonner Leaders make a commitment to perform 300 hours of community service at one of our community partners.

Bonners have a calendar year to finish their hours. Upon successful completion of 300 service hours, all participants receive an educational award stipend that can be used for tuition or to pay off student loans.

300 hours, 1 year commitment, $1,175.00 award

Program Goals
The Bonner Program is designed to transform not only the students who are directly supported by the program, but also the campus and community in which they serve and learn.

For the Student:

  • To provide access to a college education for students with financial need
  • To afford students the opportunity to enhance and use their abilities, talents, and leadership to serve others while in college
  • To create a supportive community of students on campus whose common focus on community service gives them a sense of purpose and meaning

For the Community:

  • To channel the energies of college students, faculty, and staff to continue to improve and expand upon the quality and nature of services offered to the community
  • To break down the barriers between town and gown leading to improved communication and greater collaboration between the two
Applications are being accepted through April 18, 2014 for the 2014-2015 year.

Bonner Leader Program Information (pdf)

Bonner Leader Application 2014(pdf)

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